Friends of Manchestercop ?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by hibby, Jun 29, 2004.

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  1. What a Great Idea, West Mercia plods are sticking civies with yellow jackets ,in there Marked moters "To increase the visibility of the force on the streets"while the real plods are back at the station drinking coffee and playing cards :twisted: Priceless!
    It may even catch on in the MOD pull all the chally 1 out off moth balls , Crew em with a few "Wives of" and hey pressto all Tony's manning probs solved , :lol:
  2. Yes what a very intelligent, well thought out and researched comment :roll:
  3. Thank You
  4. I Personally feel that MC is a single, deskbound copper who should be befriended .............not taunted 8O
  5. Im not an Inspector! 8O
  6. No mc, youve just finished at Hendon or wherever you dullards do your botty touching course nowadays.
  7. Aha your a divorced alcoholic custody sergeant 8)
  8. Don't listen to them MC. They are only jealous of your stunning good looks!!! 8)
  9. Beat THAT for a massive counter battery strike.
  10. From the idiot not intelligent enough to understand "Do NOT click this link" 8O

    Look Bravo_dick if youve really got a problem PM me, ill give you my mobile number and you can come to Manchester
  11. Been to Manchester, best thing to come out of it is the M6.

    Live in the now, move on.

    BTW, you asked elsewhere why I did not pm you ref the link - for the record, I raised the matter in open forum, you slagged me off, I raised it in another thread - which you instantly locked.

    So yes, I pm'd another mod. Perhaps you can now see why.

    If not, ask a grown up.

    Now toddle off and stop being such a sensitive flower.
  12. I've been on the M6. Nice service stations :)

    MC is a top chap. So is B_B (he's a Mortar chappy).

    Can't we all just be friends and live together in peace and harmony?? :D

    (oh no, course we can't - this is ARRSE!) :D
  13. You can sod off. This is a standard scrap Inf vs. RMP. What has it got to do with you anyway :wink:
  14. Yeah slopes fùck off :D