Friends of Kent Police (the Met) hunt for dangerous criminals

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Troy, Feb 4, 2013.

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  1. Can you help the Metropolitan Police Extradition Unit with their enquiries? Do you know the whereabouts of any of these wanted people?

    *** EMBARGOED FOR USE FROM 00:01hrs on MONDAY, 4 FEBRUARY 2013 ***

    Two alleged gunmen who fatally shot their victims, a suspected violent abductor and a man wanted for the rape of a teenager are among 18 high-risk offenders being

    sought by the Metropolitan Police Service's (MPS) Extradition Unit today, Monday 4 February.

    It is believed that the foreign nationals - wanted by other countries in Europe - are currently in the UK.

    This is the third time that the MPS's Extradition Unit has run Operation Sunfire, with a view to tracing and arresting murderers, violent robbers, drug traffickers and

    other criminals, then putting them before the extradition courts to face justice abroad.

    Extensive police enquiries have not yet revealed their whereabouts.

    Those sought and their alleged offences are:

    1) Dritan Rexhepi, 32 (10.04.80). Also goes by the name of Gramos Rexhepaj.
    Wanted by: Albania and Belgium.
    For: Murder and aggravated burglary.
    Nationality: Albanian
    Possible location: He is known to have links to London, Bedfordshire and Northants.

    Rexhepi is wanted in connection with the fatal shooting of two men and the non-fatal shooting of another in Albania in 1999.

    It is also alleged that in November 2005, Rexhepi and others forced entry into a home in Belgium where the occupants were tied up and threatened at knife point before

    a quantity of cash and jewellery was stolen.

    2) Edvinas Judinskas, 19 (18.01.93)
    Wanted by: Lithunia
    For: Murder
    Nationality: Lithuanian
    Possible location: Previous links to Woolwich (London), Reading (Berkshire) and Manchester - specifically Bury and Bolton.

    It is believed that in December 2008, Judinskas and others forced entry into a flat in Lithuania. The occupant was then punched, kicked and beaten with a metal rod and

    wooden chair leg. He later died as a result of the injuries.

    3) Now arrested

    4) Serhat Aslan, 26 (16.10.84)
    Wanted by: Turkey
    For: Murder.
    Nationality: Turkish
    Possible location: He has links with Stoke Newington in Hackney (London) and Chingford in Waltham Forest (London) where he was known to be living in 2009.

    Aslan is wanted in connection with the fatal stabbing of a 19 year old man, following an argument in Turkey in 2004.

    5) Constantin Niciu, 34 (14.01.79) Also goes by the name of Claudin Fagas.
    Wanted by: Romania
    For: Robbery and kidnap. Also wanted for recall to prison by police in Redbridge.
    Nationality: Romanian
    Possible location: He has been linked to Havering in London.
    Niciu is wanted in connection with abducting two men who refused to assist trafficking women. The men were tied up, beaten with a plank of wood and their mobile

    phones and motor vehicle were stolen.

    6) Krzysztof Pedzik, 25 (08.10.87)
    Wanted by: Poland
    For: Robbery.
    Nationality: Polish
    Possible location: Known to frequent London, specifically Barnet, Haringey and Hackney.
    Pedzik is wanted to serve a 17-month jail sentence for a robbery in 2006 during which the victim was threatened with violence. He is also wanted for burglary in

    Tottenham and Hendon, in London.

    7) Pawel Jakub Chmielorz, 27 (12.05.85)
    Wanted by: Poland
    For: GBH
    Nationality: Polish
    Possible location: He is known to frequent north London, specifically Enfield borough and Edmonton. His last know address is in Enfield.
    Chmielorz has been convicted of six counts of violence in Poland in his absence and is wanted to serve two and a half years in prison. The offences occurred between

    2006 and 2009 and all his victims sustained serious head injuries as a result of his attacks.

    8) Hysni Sokolaj, 40 (21.06.72)
    Wanted by: Albania.
    For: Human trafficking.
    Nationality: Albanian
    Possible location: He has previous links to London, Leicester and Chesthunt in Hertfordshire.
    It is alleged that between 2001 and 2005, Sokolaj forced an Albanian woman into prostitution in Belgium and then the UK, for his own personal financial gain.

    9) Lukasz Wyrzykiewicz, 30 (19.05.82)
    Wanted by: Poland
    For: GBH and Affray
    Nationality: Polish
    Possible location: He has links to Harrow, Northolt and Hounslow in London; and Thames Valley and Glasgow.
    Wyrzkiewicz is wanted for the stabbing of two brothers in a club in 2009. After the brothers were stabbed they were then pushed down a set of stairs. Both suffered

    severe injuries.

    10) LaszIo Nemes, 52 (27.11.60)
    Wanted by: Hungary
    For: Human trafficking.
    Nationality: Hungarian
    Possible location: He has previous links to east London, particularly Newham and Tower Hamlets.
    Nemes is alleged to be involved in smuggling people across the Serbian/Hungarian border.

    11) Robert Grygoruk, 36 (16.10.76)
    Wanted by: Poland
    For: Possession of a handgun, assault, supplying drugs, controlling prostitution, and fraud.
    Nationality: Polish
    Possible location: He has been linked to east and south-east London, specifically Leytonstone and Forest Hill.
    Grygoruk is wanted for 24 offences including possession of a handgun in 2009, producing and supplying amphetamine, supplying 5kg of cannabis and large-scale fraud

    and burglary.

    12) Dariusz Farfus, 24 (05.10.89)
    Wanted by: Poland
    For: GBH
    Nationality: Polish
    Possible location: He has links to north London and is believed to be living in Barnet.
    Farfus has been convicted for his involvement in a brawl in 2007 and has a 21 month and 20 day jail term to serve.

    13) Svetlana Mironenkova, 43 (15.09.69)
    Wanted by: Latvia
    For: Human trafficking
    Nationality: Latvian
    Possible location: She is believed to be in North London and has links to Beckton in London.
    Mironenkova is believed to have recruited women to be sent to London where they were forced to work as prostitutes.

    14) Vasile Vladu, 30 (29.11.82). He also uses the aliases Marius Cionca and Marius Gitman.
    Wanted by: Romania
    For: Attempted murder, human trafficking and theft.
    Nationality: Romanian.
    Possible location: He has links to east London, Harlow in Essex and Hatfield in Hertfordshire.
    Vladu is wanted in connection with an altercation in a bar in 2004, during which the victim was attacked with a baseball bat, causing serious injuries to head.

    He is also wanted for trafficking young women during 2004 and 2005 and theft in 2008.

    15) Karol Koczmara, 24 (16.05.88).
    Also uses alias Michal Ura with the alternative s 04.04.90 and 04.04.91.
    Wanted by: Poland
    For: Kidnap and robbery.
    Nationality: Polish
    Possible location: Known to frequent Edmonton and Tottenham in London.

    Koczmara is believed to have committed a robbery using a firearm in 2005. The victim was beaten and then cash was stolen from them.

    He is also wanted in connection with a kidnapping in 2006, in which the victim was threatened with violence in order to extort money and motor vehicles from them.

    16) Evaldas Rabikauskas, 29 (24.09.83)
    Wanted by: Lithuania
    For: Sexual assault.
    Nationality: Lithuanian
    Possible location: He has links to Hackney (London) and Potters Bar in Hertfordshire.
    It is alleged that he raped an intoxicated female teenager in a house in 2007.

    17) Anna Jankawska, 26 (15.10.86)
    Wanted by: Poland
    For: Drug trafficking.
    Nationality: Polish
    Possible location: She has links to Mitcham and Wimbledon (London) and Cheltenham (Gloucestershire).
    Jankawska is wanted for drug supply between 2008 and 2009.

    18) Krzysztof Zakrzewski, 38 (20.04.74)
    Wanted by: Poland
    Nationality: Polish
    Possible location: He has links to east London, specifically Newham and Tower Hamlets.
    For: Robbery. It is alleged that he and another person robbed and beat a man in 1992.

    Detective Sergeant Peter Rance, leading Operation Sunfire 3 for the Extradition Unit said: "Today I'm asking the public, do you recognise these faces? Maybe you

    know where these people live, work or socialise?

    "They are wanted to face justice for a multitude of crimes in other countries and it is in the UK's interests to help find them. If you have any information about these

    people, please call Crimestoppers so we can arrest them. If you see them call 999 and do not approach them."

    Founder and Chairman of Crimestoppers, Lord Ashcroft KCMG, PC said: "Crimestoppers believes in the right to live without the fear of crime and we are encouraging

    the public to call us completely anonymously if they recognise any of these 18 individuals or have any information as to their whereabouts.

    "We have seen a great response from the public and arrest success from past campaigns so our hope is that this will continue and that the public will join us in standing

    up against crime. By working together and speaking up anonymously we can all take steps towards making the UK safer."

    Anyone with information on the whereabouts of any of these people is asked to contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Crimestoppers is an independent

    crime-fighting charity and can receive information anonymously and pass it onto police. All 18 suspects' details will also be on their website: Fight crime - Support the charity Crimestoppers - Most Wanted criminals - Call anonymously - Fraud | Crimestoppers UK

    Anyone who sees these people should not approach them.

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