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The Times
September 7, 2009

Queen is ‘unhappy over equipment shortages’
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The Queen has spoken to Gordon Brown personally to express her anger over equipment shortages suffered by troops in Afghanistan, it was reported last night.

According to Andrew Roberts, a leading historian with close links to the Royal Family, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales have also contacted the Prime Minister about the lack of armoured vehicles, helicopters and other vital equipment needed by British forces.

“The Queen, Prince Philip and Prince Charles are all furious with Gordon Brown over sub-standard equipment in Helmand, principally the underarmoured armoured cars and the lack of helicopters, and have been making their views known to him in no uncertain terms,” he said.

The historian claimed to have been told of the Queen’s anger by three sources — a minor royal, a serving general and a recent former Cabinet minister. “I have it from the horse’s mouth. They take their responsibilities as acting colonels-in-chief of various regiments very seriously,” he said.
I will 'Suggest' that the most recent Generation of Labour in either it's Nue or Old Variates is of the opinion that they are Head of State.
And I would not doubt for a micro second that HM and he Family take Their Responsibilities to Their Armed Forces most seriously.
After all they have all worn The Uniform and the Duke could certainly tell a tale or two.
Makes sense because, unlike that Effing Plonker Brown, she's got a couple of sons in the game. Fix bay'nets your Majesty!


Book Reviewer
IIRC Col Tootal remarks in his book that Prince Charles phoned Des Browne to discuss equipment in his capacity as Col in Chief of the Parachute Regiment


I'm not sure that Dame Andrew Roberts is as close to the royal family as he likes to make out. Having said that, it is highly amusing watching him trying to weasel his way onto the honours lists.
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