Friends Forever

Young guy gets sent down for five years, he gets put in a cell with an older bloke, big ugly fecker, broken nose , muscles. Older guy asks what the kid was in for, kid sez G.B.H, older guy nods then sez,"We got certain rules in here, like cell hierarchy". kid sez "Yeah, what that all about then". Celly sez "Well, there,s you, and there,s me, right?". Kid sez "Yeah, so". Celly sez "Well one of us has to be the Daddy, and one of us has to be the Mummy, see?". Kid see,s whats coming and sez "Yeah, right then, I,ll be the Daddy, O.K!". Celly sez "Fine,....... now get over here and suck Mummy,s cock". :wink: :wink: :twisted: :twisted:
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