Friends and Godparents....

i have a developing problem and i'd like your views.

an old friend of mine who is also godmother to our 2yo lives a long way from us (1hr flight/6 hour drive), thing is all went well when the sprog was very young, we saw godmother quite regularly and all seemed tickety-boo.

however, we haven't seen her for a year or so and even then sightings were becoming pretty scarce, godmother still keeps in contact, but its just not enough. she - being single/no kids - has more disposable cash than us, more freetime than us and its vastly easier for her to jump on sleazy-jet than it is for us, not to mention there's room for her at our house, not so much room for us at hers.

she claims to be serious about the role, she just never gets off her arse and actually does something about it.

TBH i'm tempted to ditch her, sprogs other godparents, despite living equally long distances away and having even less money than us, make the effort and we reciprocate - yet when we are down south and could, given some effort, get over to hers, GM#2 just happens to be busy with this weeks' useless and soon to be ex-boyfriend.

any advice?
My advice is to leave it as it is, my kids aint seen their godparents in years and i aint seen my godkids in years..simply because somewhere along the line divorces etc happened. It is common with most godparent / kids roles when not practicing religion that the role gets forgotten about. Remember being a god parent also requires religious teachings and a promise to raise the child in accordance to the law and bible should the natural parents die, rather than materiel gifts etc.
On the face of it, how many parents of christened children actually practice religion? so its all hypocritical anyway. 8O
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