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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by sugarandspicegirl, Nov 4, 2007.

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  1. Hiya all. First time on here so please be gentle with me!! What I wanted to ask was am wanting to join the TA and am a bit stuck for choice of unit. I live in Yorkshire and am willing to travel if need be.

    I've visited a couple of units and although the guys that showed me round were very nice, most of the units were full of young lads who for want of a better word did'nt seem overly blessed with social skills when I tried to talk to them.

    Am wanting to develop new skills and do something interesting but also to hopefully expand my circle of friends.

    Am 37, educated and professional person but like a good laugh too. I dont see any point joining a unit where am not gonna fit in or be with similar minded people. I know it's all about getting on with people in the armed services but would be nice to meet some people there of a similar age and background

    My hubby did 9 years in the Navy and when talking to him about it (after he stopped taking the piss about squaddies intellect and social skills) basically said that it was like that in the navy too. ie certain sorts of people gravitated towards diffrent trades and parts of the navy and am sure thats true in the army aswell. I dont mean to sound harsh as we're all different and have different skills and abilities to offer but hopefully you see my point?

    But, I would like to join a unit where I was with other professional like minded people (male or female). Am too old to be an officer but not bothered about that, would just like to muck in and learn the ropes.

    I genuinely apologise if I've offended anyone as was not my intention but any ideas which units might offer what am looking for?
  2. What part of Yorkshire ? Its a big place
  3. Am just outside Barnsley so would probably travel as far as Sheff and as far as York I reckon if it was good there. Just got a new car too so it's a nice drive :D
    I take it that as I have'nt been called a snobby cow yet (which am not), you understand what am getting at.

    Cheers xx
  4. may offer some more insight.

    There's a Royal Signals Squadron in Leeds, and ...

    there's an Intelligence & Security Company in York

    -perhaps give them both a call?

    They might be more your scene ... although, the TA is a pretty mixed bag - a particular unit will probably consist of professionals, tradesmen, labourers and students - so I wouldn't presume that a particular unit might be closer or further to what you're looking for. I really would advise to shop around fully, especially to units you hadn't really considered before.

    What do you work as? There's always a possibility of going to a specialist unit which recruits nationally.
  5. 269 Battery at Leeds has a challenging new role, and has a fair age spread in the folk there.
  6. There is TA signal unit at Manor Top in Sheffield. I suspect that you may be referring to 4 Yorks based in Barnsley.

    The TA at the Manor may just be up your street.
  7. Hi I'm waiting to join the specialist RAMC unit in Strensall (York), do you have an interest in medicine or nursing. If you haven't got any specialist training in this area would you be interested in being a CMT? Only required to do 19 days a year. I'm a female psych nurse. I served with the infantry and while they are a great bunch of lads, if you haven't got a thick skin it's probably not suitable for females. You can be a clerk with them though. Was also in the RAF. Feel free to PM me.
  8. Thank you...what jobs can you do there? The intelligence people sounds interesting too. I work in personnel and resource management and am good at talking to people and use computer so something maybe on the communications side might be good. I would like to do an outdoorsy kind of job if that narrows it down? Wish I'd been able to do this years ago. Thank you..keep the suggestions comin

  9. Hate to say; At 37 you'll be pushing the age limits, unless you've previous Mil experience.

    Some units have a flexible approach if you can bring other skills.
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Why? The upper age limit for joining is 43.

  11. Pop down to the Manor (64 Sig Sqn) this Tuesday, from what you've said you'd probably enjoy being in this unit in the 'posh end of Sheffield'. I'll come and chat if I see you, as you sound like you'd want to follow the path I've taken (you can't do this path in the rest of Yorkshire).

    p.s. this isn't another journo thread at getting me to make a reply is it?
  12. you mean a journalist cos am not one. Hahah. My hubby wants to know what path your gonna lead me down...hahahahah. Sorry been on the merlot this afternoon whilst talking about this. Would still like to find out more and think will visit some more units including yours am sure.
    Thanks hunny

  13. Between Leeds and Bradford is a place called Pudsey, Tuesday nights see you there

  14. Would that be 4 PARA?

    I'm sure a 37 year old woman would have no problems joining at all.
  15. 25 MI Coy are in York. Great bunch of people from 3MI's 2cnd best company.