Friendly Fire!!

Discussion in 'RLC' started by chink, Aug 25, 2007.

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  1. After yesterdays tragedy ,YANKS FCUK UP AGAIN. Would be a more suitable description!!!!!
  2. Tube.
  3. What he said
  4. Spent an hour on chat,where one of the cousins camein, at which point a feckin civvy bird just tore him apart. His comment was"he had just sacked onof his drivers", her comment"should have been one of your pilots". At this point, said female never said another word, but started a major row by her big gob, so nothing sensible to say, shut the **** up, nosher.
  5. :evil: :x Seems we had another bloody tragedy, report states, LOTS OF TALIBAN, and without air strikes Brits would have suffered, so whats new :? Looks likes the blame game is on again, one trying to blame the ROVER TERMINAL NOT WORKING, failed, if it is the Brit made one then lots of BUM HOLES in the MOD will be twitching, if its U.S. gear then the blame game is on. We have seen it before two gung ho National pilots bombing Brits they go off Scot Free . Seems that the P.B.I. get the rough end of the stick too often. About time head roll :evil: R.I.P for these lads.
  6. managed to conduct your own independant enquirey over the last few hours? No? then Shut the **** up. We dont know whats happened yet and really shouldnt be discussing it for the time being.
  7. Let's not do the blame game again. Wait for the enquiry and hope that for once both MOD and Yanks come clean and tell the truth.
  8. No room for the blame game here. Firstly we are not in possession of the facts and secondly the nature of the fighting in AFG often requires air support danger close just to get our lads out of the shite, which by its nature is very risky. It might be wise to reserve judgment on this incident or at least see it in the context of what is happening on the ground.
  9. Bob on fella.

    Normally i am one of the first to criticise the US gung ho over the top attitude, but in this case i would like to know the full facts before pointing fingers.
  10. Lets think about the Guys who have died, and send condolences to their families, rather than pointing fingers and blaming each other.
  11. I totally agree with Bushytoptree, we are not in possession of any detailed facts. Therefore it would be unwise to pass damning judgement on anyone.

    Sympathy for the families of the fallen and wounded are more important.

  12. Mea Culpa! my dig was at the term" friendly fire" ,used by the media .My heart felt condolences to the families of these soldiers
  13. On what planet can this comment,

    "After yesterdays tragedy ,YANKS FCUK UP AGAIN. Would be a more suitable description!!!!! "

    be construed as a dig at the term "friendly fire". If you are going to make rash ill informed comment, either standby it, or apologise for it. Do not try and weasel out of it.
  14. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Three Things
    I'm sure if you ask any posters on here from the Para battle group they will tell you CAS has probably saved more lives than have been lost

    Should we be disscussing this - isn't it against site rules to disscuss ongoing investigations?

    Journo's will be trawlling this site waiting for the sort of quote that is on the opening thread

    Pay condolences and respect and leave it at that please
  15. Chink, you are a bellend. You don't know anything about what has happened, and neither do the majority o the ARRSE users who have the courtesy to leave comments of condolence and not speculate on what has or hasn't happened. Why don't you just go away and conduct your own uneducated yank bashing in private.