Friendly Fire

Flight Lieutenant Smithers is flying his Harrier GR9 on patrol in Afghanistan. All of a sudden he spots two flying carpets, one to port and one to starboard, each armed with large machine guns and rocket-firing pods.

Sensing immediate danger, Smithers executes a mid-air manoeuvre, so that he is now facing the flying carpets, and lets loose with several volleys of shots from his Aden 30mm cannon, and watches as the flying carpets explode and fall to the ground in flames.

Flt Lt Smithers does a victory roll, and returns to base. As he is getting out of the cockpit of his fighter, the station CO drives up and shouts out "Smithers come here - you fucking idiot!!"

Smithers trots over to the Gp Capt, salutes and says "Sir - what's wrong? I've just shot down two heavily armed flying carpets"

"I know you have you fucking idiot...they were Allied Carpets"

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