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Friendly Fire video - coroner loses his job

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by frenchperson, Feb 6, 2007.

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  1. It has all the hall marks of that slimy basterd Bliar.
  2. Ouch!

    Smacks of Blair.
  3. This is what happens to people who try to fcuk with the government - *cough* Dr. Kelly

    I've just seen the footage from The Sun - I thought I'd be steaming by the end of it, instead I feel deeply saddened.
  4. seems fairly straight forward to me. They have done the job they were taken on to do.
  5. Fairly pejorative thread title old chap.

    "Coroner who knew he was on a short term contract has it confirmed" is somewhat more accurate, no?
  6. Well he is certinly going to go out in a fanfare, the only one to stand up to the liaring sh1ts in Government.
  7. Oh, please don't take my post as a dig at the Coroner or his colleagues who won't be kept on. T'was aimed at the tinfoil hat theory espoused by frenchperson.

    Think the Coroner has been principled throughout.
  8. 'Friendly Fire' video - coroner loses his job.

    There it is again, and sorry Sixty, I fail to see your point. I do however see that you can't resist the urge to have a dig at anything I happen to post. Never mind, eh?
  9. Here's what you wrote again. Do detail your theory.
  10. Andrew Walker has got nothing to lose now, hopefully see

    Andrew Walker holds the moral high ground, if I were him I would take full advantage of this high ground and sh1t on the lying gits in the MOD and Neu Arbeit from a great height with the coroners report.

    If they (MOD/Govt/USA Govt) had come clean about the facts when this tragedy happened, I would have found it easier to stomach. The lies told to the family over such a long period of time cannot be justified in any way!

    Did anyone else catch the Anglo American expert Kathy Burke on sky news with her "these things happen in war" remark complete with a condescending/oops/apologetic grin at about 1830Hrs UK time. :threaten:

    How these Tw@s (MOD/Govt/USA Govt) sleep at night is beyond me!

    BTW well done to whoever sent the video to the coroner!

    Beer fuelled rant over time for bed!!!!
  11. Your original post referred to the thread title, now you've skilfully moved onto the content of the thread. So no, go away please.

  12. Christonabike, frogtwat. You'd argue with your own shadow.

    You should think about a career with the Scum or the Mail.
  13. So the content of your post had nothing to do with your thread title? You really are a grubby little troll aren't you?
  14. Mm because they are entirely seperate issues aren't they?