'Friendly fire' killer of 4 Canadians fined £3000

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ViroBono, Jul 8, 2004.

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  1. The Times reports that the US pilot responsible for killing four Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan has been fined one month's pay, a punishment which has angered his victims' families.

    Maj Harry Schmidt was also given a written reprimand after being found guilty of dereliction of duty.

    Originally Schmidt insisted on a full court martial on charges of manslaughter, assault and dereliction of duty - he faced a possible 64 years imprisonment. However, he changed his mind and was allowed a 'non-judicial' alternative hearing.

    At least we now know the septics take disobeying orders and killing allies seriously....:?

    The full story (copyright The Times, natch): http://www.timesonline.co.uk/printFriendly/0,,1-3-1171535,00.htm
  2. Weren't there 2 Pilots on the Tarnak Farm Incident?

    Or is Scmidt the "Lead"?

    I guess our cousins in CAF aren't best pleased with this result.
  3. That's more like getting away with the whole thing 'scott free'. Am I in a crowd on one here or was he found guilty of disregarding direct orders resulting in the deaths of allied troops?

    What a 'whitewash'! And the US Forces expect that the rest of the world respect them? It would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic.

    My feelings go out to the families of the Canadians who died. They have just been given a mighty slap in the face from the USA and have every right to feel disgusted!
  4. I think PP hit the nail on the head, shocking behaviour.
    Do you think the septics will ever learn?
  5. A MAJOR IN THE USAAF EARNS £3000 A MONTH! :cry: Feck me! How much!

    Whats the going rate for a hit and run these days. This time it was four killed. I hope the Major can live with himself :evil:
  6. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Can anyone remember how the US pilots who flew through the cable car wire in Italy a couple of years ago were punished?? I think they killed about a dozen, and then got off...
  7. I am not too keen on this phrase "Friendly Fire" When it is comming in your direction there is nothing friendly about it. The Spams are a bunch of John Wayne cowboys Who jump on their horses scream yee haar as they ride into battle clearly with little more than a weeks seminar on combat!

    Of course i am not talking about every US combatant just a few select muppets mainly from USAF.

    When i was in training i was shown a video from GW1 it was a flight recorder onboard a US plane on patrol in Iraq shorly after the ground offensive began. It clearly shows him requesting permision to engage targets on the ground. He is told to "hold for verification of friendlys" he takes this to mean "yes by all means carpet bomb the area"
    End Result British Armoured Convoy hit multiple casualties and fatalities. OH and by the way I could clearly see the U.J flag on the roof of the lead vehicle wonder why he couldnt see it.
    The next radio Traffic was even more shocking, it went something like:



    What happened to this Pilot, was he strung up in the Gallows i hear you ask?

    No he continues to fly today!

    Oh and another thing to gripe about the Spams, remember that Trooper Finney got the GC for Bravery? Well he would have got the VC but one of the Provisos is it has to be Bravery in the Face of the enemy not Dumb ass Spams who are meant to be on our side!!!
    :x :x :evil: :evil:

    Gripe over
  8. and the septics wonder why everyone hates them!!
  9. Specifically told to hold fire?

    And went ahead regardless?

    Take him out and string him up.

    If that's the level of professionalism they are happy to put up with then they deserve to be treated with scorn.

    I wonder if any civil actions might follow aginst him as an individual? :evil:
  10. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    One of the problems is that the yanks follow this "in war shit happens" ideology and so accidentally killing people through neglignce is not murder but "whoopsie" where as we Brits see it as practically murder.
  11. £750 each? At that price I could afford a few Canadians: they might come in useful round the house and I wouldn't kill them.

    More seriously, sh*t does happen in war and friendly fire casualties are almost inevitable, but it seems to me that the critical aspect is to learn from the cock-ups. If that means drop-kicking a couple of arrogant, undisciplined pilots out of the US Air Force (and possibly into chokey) then out they should go. Witch-hunts don't benefit anyone, but investigation and reasonable punishment does.
  12. I've seen the video of the cowboy killing Brits.

    Both he and that other disgrace to his uniform Maj. Schmidt should be left in a room with a bottle of scotch and a loaded Webley.

    That would be the honourable thing.
  13. Having worked with septics Ive found their AFV Rec skills are practically non existent and they have also been known to give the A10 pilots a form of amphetamine that enables them to fly more sorties.

    Hence they are as capable of rational thought in that state as a gurning clubber off his norks on speed.

    Brit recce vehicles were also not issued enough IFF panels in some cases due to "shortages" so when all the factors are combined you are asking for trouble. When you hear these cnuts come up on an FAC net with callsigns like Gunfighter 1 you know you're in trouble. :(

    They are a feckin disgrace................why don't the families take the benefit of the US twisted legeal system and sue them. Money won't replace their loved ones but those punishments are disgraceful for that level of negligence.............. :x
  14. Seems reasonable enough. :roll: I've known someone to be fined 450 quid for being 4 hours adrift, so it only seems fair that you pay a little under 7 times that for slaughtering your own allies. I have also known somebody to be fined 2000 quid for "Bringing the Navy into disrepute" (in this case nailing a wren in his cabin). All sounds proportional and sensible to me :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
  15. Can anyone actually come up with a decent argument as to why we actually see the SPAMS as our Allies? :evil:

    I totally agree that they see any form of combat as an excuse to pretend they are at the movies and shoot at everything is sight, just look how they have f****d up Iraq!!

    How many Brit soldiers have died post end of hostilities on TELIC because of Yank insensitivities, and more importantly how many more will?

    "Mr Blair, could you order me a taxi out of here please!" :roll: