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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Gazeibo, Nov 6, 2005.

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  1. Hey, i want to join the army in 6/7 months after i have finished my AS Levels and I'm using this time-frame to get me in good physical condition for my RSC. I'm 6'4" and 12.5st.

    At the moment i'm able to do 200+ situps, about 30 pressups in 1 go, run 3.5 miles (around the local lake :p) pretty comfortably and in alright time.

    My only problem is heaves, i can do around 1 ;) Does anyone know of any general advice on improving these or is it just down to doing this 1 heave alot, i'd muuch rather have another form of help on this e.g. would tricep dips help? or pressups?

    (And yes i am a newb to the army way of life, i've only recently decided to join up so be kind :D)
  2. To improve situps:

    Bog standard situps (remember Army situps involve your fingers touching your clavicles and elbows tucked into the sides)
    Weighted situps (over a bench and from the floor)
    Twist situps (double and single touch)
    Boxer crunches (lying on your back and alternatively twisting to touch your heels)
    Alternate v-sits

    To improve pressups:

    Bog standard pressups (Army pressups are *supposed* to be 90 degree angle between your bicep and forearm)
    Bench pressing (take care not to bulk up too much, as this can hinder your running, IMO)
    Bent arm pullovers/lying dumbbell flyes
    Tricep presses/extensions

    To improve running:

    The standard test (as I'm sure you know) is 2.4km/1.5miles in under 10min 30.
    The best way is to use interval training. If you have access to a running track, start off running
    one lap at best effort (at a pace you can keep up for a lap), then one lap recovery. Repeat this
    two or three times.
    The fitter you feel yourself getting, increase the best effort distance and decrease the recovery

    This is a *very* basic guide as I'm off out, but if you want to know anything else, PM me.

  3. I remember a PT bloke telling me that heaves are, more than most exercises, a matter of the way you are built. naturally, determination comes into it as well. i.e. if you are capable of doing 20 then you can do 20 if you try, but 10 if you wuss out.

    He told me that it's all down to the ratio of arm bones length to weight or something. I forget the details. It was after I'd done fukcing loads of them despite being generally a bit crap at phys, thus committing the terrible mistake of catching the PT blokes' attention. Never, ever ever, do that.
  4. Even for doing something good?
  5. I thought the time depends on who you're joining ie rac/arty 13min 15 sec
  6. No, no matter how good 8O it is still a baaaad mistake......
  7. Even after all the good advice you've been given is put into use and you can still around 1 heave, it isnt majorly important in selection, as I managed only 8 heaves on the beam, but performed well in all other aspects of the fitness tests and was graded A for fitness
  8. Maybe there's a difference between 1 and 8 heaves ;)

    Thanks for all the advice guys/(gals?). Much appreciated :)
  9. Yes, but... :)
  10. Hetfield,

    My notes are not complete but 13m 30 sec for 1.5 miles is correct - for a 50 year old male! I think Tango is quite correct: 10m 30s for U-30s males. I am not aware that there is any difference for Arms or Services, although the entry tests at the RSC (for untrained recruits) may be different.

    If you are a young lad and are having difficulty in beating 10m 30s, stand by for a load of abuse from both your peers and your elders!