Friend to apply to Sandhurst, thin CV, ideas? voluntary work overseas?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by martal, Jul 15, 2012.

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  1. Hello people

    First post. Best wishes to you all.

    My friend (early twenties, fit, personable, all round good guy) wants to try for Sandhurst.

    He's got the Scottish exams but not much on the CV apart from bar work.

    He needs something there, and it would be good for his confidence, so I've suggested a year abroad, doing voluntary work.

    Any ideas what that could be? VSO?

    If you have had experience in this, or any opinions, like to hear from you.
  2. OK, thicker paper. :}

    It's early days, 3123.
  3. Early 20's? Go travelling, do some volunteering, theres all sorts of bunny hugger charities that do trips building schools in far flung places.

    Ffs try to do SOMETHING before you commit the best years of your life to the monolithic vortex.
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  4. I realise this may be a dangerous concept and I may be challenging the established order of things for hipster middle class kids who expect life to be an endless parade of music fesitivals and green peace ships complete with the endless social media updates pointing out how great you are - but he could always actually go out and get a real job.

    I would have more respect for a graduate who spent a year on the bins for the council then some tree hugger who thinks they are the best thing since sliced bread.

    Council estate lasses are also a better shag.
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  5. How about team sports if his confidence needs work?
  6. Not having a degree is no longer such a problem - however as you say it is likely that AOSB will say he needs to get "more life experience" prior to joining the Army - main reason for this is so that he will be able to get out of the 'schoolboy' mentality and also be able to face up to the more trying elements of his training and future career by looking back on past experiences.

    VSO would be helpful, but then again so would working in a labour yard for 6 months - anything to get him into the 'real world' for a bit...

    Wish him (you?!) luck.
  7. Get him to speak to a recruiting officer to arrange for some POC visits where the right people will give him the appropriate advice. If he has potential he will be given some guidance that may involve him going away and broadening his horizons or to begin the application process.
  8. Martal he seems to have delegation down to a fine art. Why the **** are you asking for this future leader of men?
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  9. Go through the course yourself - pass out and then hand over to your friend.
    Or tell your friend to man up and ask the question himself..ffs
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  10. Join the TA, there he will experience a mix of social backgrounds and a variety of training weekends, some good, some bad. He will then have an understanding of the Army way of life and squaddie sense of humor. H can turn up when he wants and in the meantime can go on jollies.
  11. I'm thinking he's already got his ambitions mixed up with his capabilities.

    Tell him to try a career in PR instead.
  12. 123

    123 LE

    Firstly, he needs to tailor his dress sense. Tell him to buy: yellow plaid trousers (two pairs of), red corduroy trousers (two pairs of), a Wealth of tweed blazers and semi-garish shirts. Strikingly colourful or patterned socks. He should accessorise with something reminiscent of colonial days - a riding crop perhaps, or he could opt for the gentlemanly cane. He should also grow some facial accoutrements - a moustoche, for example.

    Then, he has to speak the right language. I suggest you check out the thread "Most Irritating Staff Officer Buzzwords / Phrases" for pointers. Although it says they are irritating, by using some of these, in conjunction with his dress dense, he should slip right under the radar and be welcomed as part of the furniture - no need to worry about his prior (in)experience at all.
  13. A cravat would also be a good addition
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  14. Get a job to get a glowing reference to show a good worth ethic, volunteer in a role with some kind of responsibility to show ability to lead and desirable personal qualities, join a sports club or team to show you have something extra to offer and are a team player, see if you can somehow immerse yourself in a small aspect of the army ethos'- perhaps helping with cadets to show growing knowledge and interest of an aspect of the army and stuff. Erm, familiarise with the history of the british army so can talk with actual passion about it confidently, work heavily on phys, and try to keep up with current affairs and all that.
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  15. Well done you. Would you like World Peace and to give a kitten to every pensioner ?