Friend in Prague

Off to Prague for a job for a 10 day strech and looking for a "friend' for the night :D or a few maybe .

Anybody got any recomendations?

Girlies only please
The Red Light Bar is next to a half decent, clean brothel. Any taxi driver should know where it is.
Darlings night club, just off Wenceslas Square is/was also quite good. They do a half decent cabaret & you can take your pick of the ladies. Beer is really expensive in there though, so sip it.

Stay away from the street walkers, they will try & rob you. Plus, they're skanky as hell.

Not that I've ever partaken of the delights in any these premises. *cough, cough* :oops:

Wish I was going there. I loved it.
My experience of Prague is of punching above my weight without paying... Give it a whirl you pest!
Didn't / Doesn't the Arrser formerly known as Scrofula reside in Prague?

You could always look him up for the full city tour........................... or not.


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Scrof was a legend, in his own weird kind of way.

How they waited until duffdike to implement the "cock but harmless" tag I'll never know.


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Call my friend Norman. Tell him I sent you. Give him my love. Tell him any time for the tenner he owes me.


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