Friend in Need!

We have a fellow drainee who's 4 year old son is suffering from a rare and aggressive cancer called Neuroblastoma and we are helping raise the funds to get him treatment only available in the States, the costs of which are in excess of £250,000!

A group of ratcatchers are doing a sponsored coast to coast cycle on April Fools Day, so if you could forego that beer tonight and donate a couple of quid it would help this little soldier to keep smiling. Please visit our 'Just Giving' site at Every second and every penny counts!

Many Thanks,

In ardius fidelis !
Most certainly is Filbert. Didn't see the sticky, but I am after your hard-earned wedge rather than auction items! :D

It's worth donating or I'll have to track you down and pay a visit clad in my lycra cycling gear - and I assure you its not pretty!!!!


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