Friend in need - J1 problem

Can anyone shed any light on this.

Good pal of mine recently got married to a German girl. They live in Monchengladbach in their own private hiring, but he works in Gutersloh and commutes every weekend. He applied for an ID card for his missus so she can gain access to JHQ and use the BFPO system while he is deployed on Ops.

J1 UKSC(G) have refused to allow her dependancy status as she works on the German net and because he does not commute to work everyday (4 hour round trip). So he lives in the Mess at PRB. As he is shortly deploying and she is pregnant, they quite understandably dont wish to move her away from her family to spend the next 7 months in a strange place away from her nearest and dearest.

They dont want tax free goods, cars, shopping permits, health care or housing which as anyone knows who live in Germany, is streched to breaking point. Just the use of the BFPO system and access to the welfare system in the event that something goes wrong while he is away.

Does anyone know if there is an ID card for this purpose or can he appel the judgement of J1.
If your friend is going away on Ops, he will come under the Welfare service of the elements of his unit (or the unit he is going with) which remain behind. I'd bat the question to them to resolve.

If she doesn't want to move to Gutersloh miles away from friends and family, isn't her local family group in MG going to be her welfare support? That would seem to be much better than what we can provide ...

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