friend in need (eyesight requirements)

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by ROMEO-CHARLIE, Apr 19, 2007.

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  1. Hello, i'm not quite sure about the requirements of eyesight standard for the infantry this question is for a friend who is currently undergoing application for the regulars and would like to know is there a minimum that your eyesight can be before they bin your application. He wears glasses and contact lens, but he is only starting the process of application and is going to see the recruiter this tuesday but would like so advice beforehand.

    many thanks
  2. its totally medical in confidence and recruiter will just send off opticians report with medical questionairre. The med staff at selection will let him know so start the process and find out.
  3. needs to get 6/9 in his right and 6/36 in his left with a spectacle correction of no more than +8.00 and no less than -7.00.

    That's what it was when I last checked (couple of months ago).