Friend in hospital

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by fashionqueen, Oct 31, 2006.

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  1. one of my boyfriends mates is in hospital in birmingham after being injured in iraq. hes slowly getting better, but has sustained some really awful injuries, but his family and friends are trying to keep his spirits up.

    my boyfriend has already got him a couple of personalised t-shirts made with some dirty jokes on, which he was apparently holding back the tears with when he saw. but weve now run out of ideas on what to give him, either present or help wise.

    just wondering what a squaddie would want if they were in hospital and was probably going a bit insane being stuck in there seeing the same people all the time and not being able to do much? my boyfriends already snuck some porn in! got any other good ideas??
  2. thanks I'll have a look.
  3. Haribo; jazz mags; a set of Top Trumps; mini DVD player and headphones; the entire box set of Sharpe/Band of Brothers/Fawlty Towers and a bottle of Lucozade.

    Oh, and a cuddly toy.
  4. For once Dale is correct.

    Less the cuddly toy.
  5. psp and games if he has use of his hands. im currently in sellyoak too and cant use my right arm/hand due to major nerve damage caused by shrapnel so i cant use a psp but if i cud that wud square me away like. books have done me good here plus these cool premierbedside things. they have tv, phone, internet and radio so u cud just buy him top up cards for that.
  6. More porn! I pass my time in the guardroom doing crosswords, wordsearches... Arrow-words are my favourite! If he's into that...
  7. Well done you, I would imagine that presents and all are great, tell him also, Arrse are rooting for him, and he has some special get well wishes going on this thread..

    I will start it off,,,,,,,,,

    Get well matey, we're all truly proud of you. Our thoughts will be with you on the 11th. Good luck. Endex.
  8. Me - when I was in deadly court - I loved getting visitors, sharing other peoples visitors as it was a bit of normality.....

    Cards........ post an adress of the ward and a name (perhaps a pseudonym) and we'll send to him!!!
  9. If people post messages here then you could print it off every couple of days and give it to him!

    edited to add: Feel better soon !! You have our respect and you're in our thoughts!!
  10. POTUK B.Liar has said that there will be a military ward so hopefully things will improve as a result of that.
    Set up an e-mail address for him or put his snail mail address here. I would certainly be glad to add "Contact...." on my Things to Do Today listings.
  11. :eek: Is that a crate?
  12. Don't really know - I understood 'my' crate is now a 'brick'. I could run to a brick or two if that is the term.
    Actually, I thought that print-of of the Army dig stories and some of the stories from the tool of you know who would be good also.
  13. yeah hes got use of his hands. although hes lost the sight in one eye :(

    top up cards sounds good.