Friend got attacked, I ran

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by lolwut237, Jan 24, 2010.

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  1. I feel like the worst friend in the world, like a total piece of shit - and so I should.

    Just got back now from going out. It was just me and my friend walking back, my friend is thin and is weak and doesn't know how to fight - I spar with friends etc, but have never been in a real fight and am a pussy when it comes to confrontations. We were walking down a road, and two 'chavs' started shouting "fight us" and calling us "pussys" and saying that if we don't fight him, he'll run up to us and "bang us out". Me and my friend just ignored them and kept walking, then one ran up to us and demanded a cigarette from my friend, he got one out, then the chav snatched the whole pack and ran back to his friend. I got angry at that, but since chavs often carry knives, especially as this was at 2am, I just let it go, and we carried on.

    Then he started shouting again, and this time both ran up, and asked for some money. They were about the same size as me, but one was pretty fat, and far outweighed my friend. This one punched my friend in the jaw really hard, and my friend stumbled to the ground. I've never been in a group that's been attacked in this way, it's just never happened before. I picked my friend up, and my friend started talking jibberish and was falling all over the place - obviously concussed. The fat one hit him again, and my friend fell over, out cold. Then they squared up to me - and because there were two of them, could have had knives, and I start training in 2 weeks - I shat myself and sprinted to the end of the road. One followed for about 200m and then went back.

    I then phoned the police and told them what had happened, where he was etc. I carried on walking home and spoke to the police some more. I phoned my friend, and he couldn't remember a thing about how he got home, and is perfectly fine apart from a bruised cheek. They didn't take his phone or anything.

    Now running away when a friend has been attacked is a completely stupid thing to do. It was the safest (most cowardly) thing to do, but friends look out for each other, not run away when one gets attacked.

    If they weren't chavs, and I didn't start training in 2 weeks, I would have fought them. Since i thought they'd have a knife, and I had visions of being stabbed/worse and not being able to start training, I sprinted like Usain Bolt.

    I guess i'm making this thread in a hope that some replies make me feel like slightly more of a man and less of a woman. But in honesty, since I'm starting Recruit training in 2 weeks or so, and have thus far showed no bravery whatsoever, and to potentially be serving in combat in the future - what is a good way of getting rid of this fear of confrontation i have? Or in otherwords, how do I stop being a pussy?
  2. Your training will help but the key thing here is that by reporting this to the proper authorities you did the right thing. As for your being a "pussy" - I understand the feelings of shame or whatever but please, don't worry.
  3. Hang your head and suffer your shame in silence. ANd for god's sake stop telling people about it.
  4. May I suggest that you joing a boxing club? Its helped me no end in this kind of situation, not least because it let me know that action movies aren't even close to reality and you're basically f*cked in a fight if there is more than one of them.

    You're a pussy, but a sensible one.
  5. Do one, you troll cnut!

    About to start training in the next two weeks, huh?
  6. Ursus.Maritimus, Flagrantviolator & jew_unit....

    You should be ashamed of yourselves for falling for that crap.
  7. That link is to a post where i was trying to troll yeah - but i do actually start training in 2 weeks or so, 106 troop 8th Feb - Marines, not army.

    This post isn't a troll though
  8. Taking this with an astronomically-large pinch of salt, shouldn't you be trolling at rum-ration if you're going to be going to be a bootie? Having had a look at some of your previous trolling attempts, you'd be well advised to keep your neck well-and-truly wound in if and when you get to CTC.
  9. This has more traffic, and i prefer this board - albeit several trolling attempts have come back to bite me in the ass.

    But don't worry, at CTC i'd be far too much of a pussy (as is evident) to attempt winding anyone up down there. I'm not as much of a cnut in real life as the internet permits me to be.
  10. I'm going with troll, but even if I'm wrong you're a massive ponce* anyway, so I'm done here.

    *Judging by other threads, too.
  11. I appreciate your input in this thread good chap
  12. Quite!
  13. How would you have reacted in such a situation?
  14. OK move along,nothing to see here.