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Friday night opportunity:


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I suppose it makes a change from ISIS' continual interest in Ravers' goats.
Ask her to send nudes to prove it's her
Message in my email inbox today:

Bonsoir Monsieur je me Présente Annick_Chatel, je suis célibataire depuis 2ans et je suis à la recherche de l'âme sœur une relation sérieuse et sincère sans prise de tête avec un homme honnêt. Mon dynamisme et ma joie de vivre vous séduiront.

N'hésitez pas à me contacter si vous le souhaitez par (mail) si vous voulez bien avoir des photos de moi, je vous laisse mon mail : (

Mon adresse mail :
Cordialement Annick Chatel !!!

In English:
Good evening Sir I introduce myself Annick_Chatel, I have been single for 2 years and I am looking for a soul mate, a serious and sincere relationship without the fuss with an honest man. My dynamism and my joy of living will seduce you.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you wish by (mail) if you want to have photos of me, I will leave you my mail: (

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I'm otherwise engaged tonight, on a promise with a bottle of decent wine and an assignation with SWMBO.

Feel free to help yourselves.

I think I found her on Facebook if you want to drop her a message



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You want Amoxicillin, 500mg, 4 times a day, 5 day course for the gonorrhoea
metronidazole, 400mg, 3 times a day, probably safer with a 5 day course again for the chlamydia.