Friday lunch time boozing

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Supergal, May 26, 2006.

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  1. Ok please please tell me i am not the only person sitting at my desk completely W@nkered!!!!!!

    tell me your lunch time goss!!

    bring on 5o'clock!!!!!!! :)
  2. Went for lunch, came back to desk, logged onto arrse
  3. Ok you are not the only one sitting at your desk completely W@nkered!!!!!! THere feel any better now?
    However that will make for a very messy desk then :)
    Ooops sorry though you sitting at you desk ***king!
    As for goss just found out the Bosses PA is a Dyke! Gutted :) (or should I say now there is a challenge!)
    Have a good one! :) (sure you will)
  4. If it helps I'm sitting at my desk w@anking, not quite the same but I'm quite happy............

  5. Don't worry - work in a bank and only chick in my team, spent lunch time getting quizzed on what classes at small, ave and well endowed, was very funny!!! and never know PA might go both ways!!!! better for you!
  6. Bullet sponge 10 out of 10 for delivery!
    tickled me so much I got tears in my ears thanks for that mate!

    have a good one or two or three.....

  7. Just got back from a business lunch by the Guildhall, having not had a drink. Why, God, why didn't I have a drink?
  8. I don't care she has legs and a pulse so fair game in my book!
    Dyke - just not met the right man for the job yet! :)
    Will see how it goes back down the pub tonight - nothing ventured nothing gained!
  9. Baz44

    Supergal AND the dyke there IS a challange. Hell of a 3sum. Pics need to qualify..lmfao!!


  10. come on mate - thought you were meant to be drowning your sorrows!!! - not turning into a light weight i hope!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. is PA hot???
  12. AF1771 - I got more chance of sh*gging the spearmint rhino!
    Hold that though ladies - Now where has that damn rhino gone? :)

    Something tell me we all got that Friday feeling!
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    I have stayed sober today (after yesterday's quality 4 hour lunch!).
  14. She is positively scorching though she comes from down under so my original comment still stands! - not met the right man yet :)

    P.S Carp D come on shag sort your life out :)
  15. Not a lightweight but haven't had anything to eat since yesterday lunchtime and was "supposed" to be doing work, apparently!

    So why am I sitting at my desk coming up with Command Tasks for a weekend away?! Because Bazz has it right! Friday feeling rocks!