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Friday lunch is almost here...

So, I'm for the traditional Friday Pint or three. Any suggestions of beers I should indulge myself in? I took the advice the other week and had a Directors', an Pride and then some sort of real ale with a silly name, but it was good.
Three pints of vodka and three exstacy pills. Turn the pub jukebox up and dance really aggressively in the faces of the secretaries sat having their lunch. Try it, mmmaybe film it?
EM says: "4 pints of Stella. It'll make you a corporate tiger for the rest of the day, you'll seal loads of deals and dominate the non-alphas. What could go wrong? Mwahahaha"
Pretty much any Belgian beer if you can get it, those lot know the drill when it comes to brewing! Trappist Dubbel, Brugse Zot, Duvel, Delirium Tremens, La Chouffe, Jupiler, Lucifer, Straffe Hendrick to name a few!
Just come back from a carvery washed down with three Wife beater extra cold. I'm a lager lout - none of this made-up pish served luke-warm for me.

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