Friday is Tieday

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by wellyhead, Mar 20, 2006.

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  1. Anyone remember this ? I remember reading a bit about the tradition (if it can be refered as so) in the Gunner yonks ago and wondered if anyone had the full rules ?

    How I remembered it it went along the lines of, if you wore a tie on a friday, it had to be a gunner tie otherwise you were fined (somehow), I've been doing this for years now and have never fully understood the background etc
  2. I don't know if there were ever any formal rules to it. On a Friday, if wearing a suit, then you should wear the Gunner tie that you are entitled to (I notice a lot of RHA ties in London as well on a Friday).

    The other important thing to remember is that you do not wear the tie (the zig-zag one) on any other normal day: then your individual Regiment (4RA have a truly disgusting one, and my 22RA tie is too Welsh!) or a Battery tie.
  3. We should start a thread on the worst Gnr Tie

    Your right about the 4 RA one, I own one and it clashes with everything

    It’s not the worst though that honour belongs to 5 RA - Yellow Orange and Black it’s like hazard marking tape
  4. Cheers dread, pretty much what I thought, since working in London post service I have stuck to this rule except if I have a job interview simply as it look blinking awful with my suit, normally if someone pokes fun I retort but that may not work for me in the interview process :D

    Unfortunatly being ex 94 we had the most boring tie imaginable, dark blue with XCIV in yellow, don't think I ever saw 32 tie hmmm
  5. I once wore my regimental tie on a non-Friday. My boss, a very urbane ex-gunner Brigadier looked up from his papers and sweetly said "Dear me, is it Friday already?" Bless him...
  6. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    101 Regt multi coloured effort from 98 is swashbucklingly bright
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Oddly enough possibly the same boss did that to me, I wore my LI tie at our formal introduction which wasnt a Friday and he asked if I was a Jacket and that ties should only be worn on fridays. I pointed out the dress down rule as it was then for fridays to RL and told him that I didnt normally dress up for a drop short!
  8. Yes, I was dazzling my colleagues with my lime green, purple, blue and red today. I still maintain it looks good with a decent shirt..........
  9. Sorry to intrude my drop-short amigos but does thois tradition carry for any Coprs?
  10. No idea but you are welcome to wear an ARRSE tie if you want
  11. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    The lads from 39 have a truely truely horrible tie. It is a RA style affair with some green stripes insert/delete from the RA, absolutely vile.
  12. My vote goes to the Gun Troop Tie of Glasgow and Strathclyde Universities Officers Training Corps:

    A St Barbara Stripe in alternating Blue, Green, Maroon and Mustard Yellow. In my book it beats the 101 tie hands down.
  13. hellfyr wrote:

    Yep. The "Royal Signals Notes for Young Officers" handbook says it is customary to wear a Corps tie when in civilian clothes on a Friday.

    Mind you the same book (or at least the copy I saw) had all sorts of po-faced stuff like "it is better to invest in a small number of well tailored items than a large range of 'fasionable' clothing as the latter will be a false economy". Harrumph, why DO Junior Officers these days need to be told this stuff...
  14. Glasgow always had a pronounced sense of fun...I remember their sweatshirts with pseudo-Cyrillic script reading BOHICA Troop - BOHICA being an abbreviation for Bend over, here it comes again! Good old Mikey Paige, Gordon "Paddy" White and the lovely lady CPO whose name I disremember. :D
  15. Proud as I was to be a Jumbo, the Java tie is truly awful, whilst the Arcot one is brilliant and is the same as worn by the presenters on Sky Sports! Just goes to show that everyone is a wannabe Arcot!

    Up the Mighty 6/36!