Friday - feck it or stick to the rules?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cuddles, May 23, 2008.

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  1. Ok, it is now about half-four on friday afternoon. A little numbskull in the Brain is stirring and has suggested a glass of orange juice. A more senior numbskull has told him he is a poof and suggested gin...The problem is, it isn't 1800 hours and therefore what should I do? Obey which of the littl people operating the levers in my head? Or follow SOPs.

    A compromise might be gin and orange?

    Any suggestions...a cold beer could be good but FFS, it is not 1800 hours...aagh! :wink:
  2. how about an irish coffee
  3. Is that Gaelic in your sig? You know what to do...
  4. its now gone 1620 and i'v just finished my fourth can of guinness.

    its a bank holiday weekend man! FFS! i'm planning on being legless and thrown out of the club before midnight,

    nothing excedes like excess, drink up!
  5. Did Robert Mason write a sequel then?? :D

    Gaz - yes, I know where this one is going. I'm just trying to deny my inner dipsomaniac...why I don't know because they have never let me down...
  6. [​IMG]

    Go on big boy, you know you want to!
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Well, the sun has set over the yardarm at Schloss msr, so crack on.

  8. Cuddles' willpower was declared life extinct at 16:32 hrs, 23rd May 2008. Preliminary coroner's reports indicate the cause of death was an ice-cold Bitburger. Apparently witnesses reported hearing a crack, as of a giant Kit-Kat reaching its breaking strain limitation...

  9. More like a soggy crisp!
    I think you'd better have a chaser with that Bitburger...........

    ........Apfelkorn anyone!
  10. God that was cold and yet it seems to have evaporated...I think this could be a messy weekend. If anyone spots a larger than average pilot whale frolicking in surf off Sidmouth, don't FFS harpoon it, it will probably be me!
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Followed by a fsssshhhhh as the Co2 escaped from the bubbles frothing to the surface of the liquid . . .
  12. Cuddles

    Does that mean "remember the people who came before you" ? In Scots Gaelic?

    Well did those who came before you feck off to the pub early on Fridays?

    (dredging up vague memories of the Irish Gaelic which they tried to beat into me over two to three decades ago - never got much beyond the level of 'si sios, dun do bheal agus pog mo thon' and that's probably wrong :) )
  13. Cuddles feck it.

    Just get on it, it is Friday.

    Thursday is the start of the weekend :wink:
  14. Yes, I am back in the groove...second Bitburger down and thanks to murphyslaw, a small shot (well big shot actually) of korn, fresh from the chiller has joined them.

    You are all my best mates, you bastids and I love you all but if you went out with my sister I would have to kill you! c'me here and give us a big kiss...oh fcuk...
  15. a thread that starts off with such a gay question deserves linking to this Queer Beer

    it could be the only gay in the fridge.