friday distraction


an unreliable source tells me that apparently this is used in pilot training in the states. Keep your cursor on the red square and try to avoid the other ones (drag the red one out of the way). Avoid the walls too.

Pilots are expected to last 2 minutes! (i think there's a pun in that somewhere..)
Hey, great game. I must be crap, I can only get 11 secs.
i got to 15 secs, then had to do the quickest 'minimise the screen' job ever as boss appeared over my shoulder...grrrr.

an afternoon well spent i feel
Good fun. Im pretty sure it repeats a pattern, so once you reach a certain point, you can just work out where to move next, and so on. You could work your way up the time rankings, but no idea if two minutes is feasible! :)
Woah got 26.14 secs after my 3rd attempt :p :p :p
Hate it, Hate it, Hate it. This may be addictive.
Pete20 said:
doomandgloom said:
Pete20 said:
doomandgloom said:
32.44 seconds first attempt and after 20 minutes 1 min 5.03 seconds and I have not even played the game, I don't know what you're talking about!
Lies, thats impossible! :oops:
Up to 1min 17.98 seconds now and I'm still clueless.....
Seek training in the ways of the Jedi you should.

You should seek training in the ways of the Jedi. Unless you're speaking in Jedi speak (?)


I was arrse at it, 11 secs. Talking about pilots I once thought about it when I was a kid. If anyone is thinking about it tell them to take a trip to 'space mountain' in EuroDisney, rollercoaster in the dark. I sat down thinking, yeh right scarey, by half the way through it was 'in through the nose out of the mouth', serious ride....

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