Hello my follow NAAFIers

Posted on the ARRSEHOLE went meet to post here - see "second verse same as the first" anyway rambling due to drunkenness - who's up for a bevvie in the city (LDN???????)

Carpe are you out there?????????????????
Your thread was MOVED to the arrsehole because you are a dullard. Don't be surprised when this thread ends up in there as well.
Well kids, thats what happens when you develop a taste for Special Brew! Incoherent and rambling at 16.00. What a lightweight.
No it's just that i chose wine over food, thought that was a good thing?? think i'm being picked on :) who's putting me in the Arrsehole??? grrrrrr!!
A cold, sweating bottle of Magners awaits me at my local hostelry.

Good evening chaps & chapettes Have a good one !
Ok point taken!! Orig point of thread was to invite other users out for friday beer - just got sidetracked - sorry :eek:)

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