Friday Afternoons

Here's one for you all to ponder on. Operational tempo aside.

Working hours have changed over the years, earlier starts, later knock off, shorter lunch breaks, limited Wednesday sports afternoons.

With things being as they are, is for instance, a vehicles A-Jobs more important than a soldiers welfare? I know that this won't be of interest to everyone as by virtue of your job's, some are tied to fixed regimes and don't have this luxury, your's probably come in other ways.

But how important to the average soldier is that early Friday get away for the weekend?
Personally it doesn't bother me all that much because I'm married and stay on camp anyway. I quite often end up working 'late' (ie after the normal dinner time finish) on a friday and although it slightly annoys me to be one of a very few working, it's no great hardship.

I imagine those who want to get from Tidworth/Blandford/Bovington/Wilton to Newcastle/Liverpool/Scotland on a Friday afternoon would see it as more important than I do though.
somethings never change, i rember being with the gunners in bulford about 78, watching them dissappear over the gun park on a friday while we in the LAD worked on untill 4, i think his name was Capt Armstrong. after a mega clean up he walked up to the B shop door and said "this place smell like a F**king garage ASM sort it out!!!! we never knocked off early but he got a good CR, thats life!
Friday afternons do exist if they are supported by the local head shed.

However I have noticed 2 key reasons for an unecessary increase in working hours:
- A boss who expects people to remain in work while he is still there 'just in case' he needs something doing.
- Personnel coming into work 'half an hour' early because they feel they can get lots of work done when no-one else is in work. Unfortunately once too many people do this the time needs to shift earlier to get more quiet time. And on goes the vicious circle of early starts.

It is appreciated that some days will require extended hours when things really do need completing, however the rough should be taken with the smooth and big boys rules should come into play where people are knocked off when they aren't achieving anything apart from filling a seat. This would offset the late hours required at other times.
we knock off every fri at 12:30 which is handy as it takes 5 hrs to drive home

wed afternoons is usually sports afternoons, however the last few weeks every company apart from mine has been knocked off for this.

we're left up the sheds doing useless jobs whilst everyone else has a game of footy or whatever
Friday savvies are very important based on distance home (As most have said)

There is nothing more irritating than being sat around doing nothing from dinner time onwards just incase some pre weekend admin comes up. Thats what designated work parties are for. WIth AGAI the soldiers charged with these tasks are easily picked. For the majority of the 'workers ants' Friday means a long drive/train ride home. Seniors forget this all to easily as the majority of them are Pads.

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