Friday afternoon sound tracks

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RU99, May 13, 2011.

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  1. Sun is out, weekend is approaching, looking forward to getting out on my low pro. My ears are being blessed with Telegraph Road.

    What are your Friday afternoon tracks?
  2. You mean it's Friday already, do we get paid today, then ?
  3. Sun is not out here, but a good weekend is beckoning regardless.

    Tracks to listen to in my car this afternoon between offices are: Tinie Tempah DiscOvery; Kings of Leon Come Around Sundown - full blast. But not Elbow's latest offering (unless I want to blow my brain out)... Cue you know who.

    ...Why is it that when waiting at home for a delivery they always turn up 1/2 hour before you're meant to return to work (panic over).
  4. "I'd love to fkuc you now but I'm busting for a shit" by Ronny Ringpiece and the Rissoles

    "Get down off the cooker granny, you're too old to ride the range" by Cough and Spit, the Flemish Twins.
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  5. Stop fucking fibbing it'll be more like Val Doonican and Bing Crosby.