Friday 6 April 07- Page 5 The Sun

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by armies, Apr 6, 2007.

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  1. Look at page 5 in todays Sun.

    How awful- the smiling iraqis clutching remains of Brit soldiers equipment.

    Bear in mind two women soldiers were killed. They are two-faced animals.

    You cant help these creatures.

    It made me so angry looking at those horrible pond life scum smiling.
  2. Agreed, but why point out that two of the soldiers were women. Are you implying that the death of a female soldier is worse than a male soldier?

    Apart from that, I wanted to kill the fcukers in the pictures.
  3. Anyone got a link?
  4. Stop! Stop! Stop! If you see it on the news (moving pics that is) you will see that they are picking up the bits of kit and displaying them to the cameras, yes they are smiling, but they always do that. They are not jumping around and celebrating the deaths (from what i saw) of the soldiers.

    You have to remember these are different people who have different ways. They jump around and gob off alot when they are 'celebrating' deaths.

    Take it you've not been to the sand pit?
  5. As I have so far been twice I shall bow to your obviously greater experience; please enlighten me.
  6. you can go as many times as you like... its where you are and what you do there that counts.

    interacting with the people on foot patrol will let you into the trade secrets he was suggesting
    sitting on your arrse in shiabah will not.

    you could be the most experienced blood drenched infanteer on here. or you could be the dhobi collector. both of you will get the medal.
  7. I wasn't trying to de-value anyones role in theatre. I for one spent most of me time in SLB.

    Anyone who has been over there will have been on OPTAG to start with and will be briefed on the typical Iraqi, and then when they arrive in theatre will see things as soldiers that civilians back home won't.

    Its always an easy assumption to make that anyone who is not on our side is the enemy. This certainly is not the case, remember the troubles in NI, and how all the Irish were perceived as terrorists by the uneducated when in actually fact the 'enemy' consisted of a maximum 2% of the population and that was IRT and PPM.

  8. Yes Dingerr, I have been to the sandpit..did the initial OP Telic from Kuwait to Iraq, and also an Op tour there. Im now a civie. Just proves to me that these people have no loyalty to eachother, or anyone else. And I realizes that in the 11 odd months Ive spent in Iraq.
  9. Saw a similar photo in the Daily Mail. They are no worse thatn feral animals. Sometimes it makes wonder if the Americans haven't sometimes been correct in thier approach when they shoot first ask quesions later.
  10. So in other words, unless your Infantry, you job over there is meaningless and a waste of time, is that what your saying Easy?? If so, can you let all the other arms and trades know that in future, your going to collect and deliver your own ammo, mail, rations, cook for yourself, administer your own first aid and treatment of anything thats more serious etc,etc.........or alternatively, you could think before posting galactically stupid comments....OUT. :x :x
  11. The papers make a big spread about it being women killed but they serve this country the same as the men. When will Joe Blogs realise this??