Fricking American TV Show Cancellations

Has anyone else watched Vanished? Sky+'d it and caught up with it after about a month and now discovered its been cancelled :cry: .

I'm now a bit sick of finding a semi decent show start on on one the random channels to find out via that its cancelled. Day Break was another. Liked the idea, started to watch it on Bravo only to discover it was cancelled so sacked it. Same with Threshold via Sky One.

Should these programs come with a warning? Don't bother watching as we only made half a season.

Then again Family Guy came back after being cancelled!!

Still cancelled.


Over There was looking promising after they sorted out all the mawkish chick-orientated bollox , but they canned that too.

But Lost (shite) still keeps rolling along. Have they cancelled Jericho yet? That really does need chopping if it hasn't happened already.


War Hero
There are plenty of quality US series which haven't been canned.
For example: Heroes, to mention but one.
And of course The Shield. Never dropped in quality, still another series going on now.

Thats my friday nights taken.....
There used to be a programme in the mid 90's called Extreme which was about a spam mountain rescue team. It was so good, they shitcanned it after one season.

Why oh why??????
PartTimePongo said:

Still cancelled.

Now there was a legendary programme. Least they made a film of it!

hedgie said:
Did they drop that poxy Jericho

I spent ages watching it before I realised it was pure and utter muck
As I recall 'Jericho' was dropped but re-instated at the request of many TV viewers. I didn't care for it either!

The Shield (Police) and Rescue me NYFD) still continue on the FX channel here. I like both.

There is also a new military one called "Army Wives." It's sort of stupid; however the girll from JAG, that played the USMC LTC is playing one of the wives. It supposted to be an Airborne unit, however, the Maroon berets, they are wearing are worn like 'shower caps, or worse! :roll:

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