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Having played the demo of Dawn of War 2 a while back, i thought i would get myself the game proper.

Having checked the specs, i should still be able to play ok. Installed it, set if off, no problems so far. However to play the game, you need to sign into GFWL (Games for Windows Live). You can do this with a msn account if you have one. I do, so logged in. At this point i am told my network card is out of date so cannot login, and therefore cannot play the game. At all.

My drivers are up to date, i can access the internet perfectly fine, everything else works. The game is full patched thanks to Steam. Any suggestions?

Why the feck do i have to logon to an online service to pay the game anyway? i am not really intertested in multiplayer. Surely there should be an offline option?


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Agreed, it's a nightmare. One little issue with your connection and you can no longer play. Wait until it has a paddy trying to update GFWL through the game interface; no chance of a "quick skirmish".

It's the obvious answer and I'm sure you know it, but they do it to keep track of us all and see who's playing their games - and who's paid for them.

Bear with it, because DOW2 is excellent. The only problem is the fact that it is IMPOSSIBLE to kill a boss without a lot of death and ballooning about (there are no "proper" tactics, weapon loadouts or skills that work) and also it got pretty boring towards the end. I never did finish off the last couple of missions.

Get Company of Heroes - it's just DOW2 done in WW2 and without GFWL. Possibly one of the best games I've ever played - certainly the best RTS.
Agreed with the above, about GFWL its a git at times. DOW 2 becomes easier even on the hardest setting once you get a grip of load out and tactics (such as kiting the boss). Theres some decent mods out for it too.

As for COH, I picked up the gold version with all expansion packs for £17 from, what can I say.. its bloody awesome :)

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