FRI to be binned from April 1 2006

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by GazPilot, Mar 4, 2006.

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  1. :(

    Thread running on PPRUNE at the moment, anyone heard anything similar........
  2. what is the url?
  3. Think you'll find youve been ill informed, according to the legal documents pushed out by the AFPRB its RAF Aircrew (not pilots) that cease to be entitled from Apr 1st 2006. Everyone else remains unchanged until 2007.

    Disagree then read the following document, para 2.35 to be precise:

    AFPRB 2004/5
  4. Too many people screwing incentives that are not justified out of the sysytem. wheres the incentive for normal, non specialist soldiers who do the boring, routine stuff that allows the other flash harrys the opportuntiy to dress up and play with expensive toys!?
    Rant over!
  5. guess the CO was making it up then :)
  6. You dont need to worry about it though, CR.
  7. yeah that's a relief :)
  8. Shown a document today that outlined a few things I still disagree with. I am questioning it on PPRUNE if your interested but it appears that the Corps is keen to drop it after all.

    Muttley out
  9. is that a U-turn on people being ill-informed then muttley? :)
  10. Friday being binned great weekend starts thursday night woohoo
  11. c0ck :lol:
  12. Seen the new rates for testing, so will be there for at least this year!
  13. my my my what a great articulate reply to a post that was meant as light hearted humour.
  14. did you not see the laughing face? i thought it was funny.

    now you're a paranoid c0ck :)