FRI for VM LCpls

Discussion in 'REME' started by paul2005, Feb 7, 2008.

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  1. From the 2008 Pay Review Report:

    REME Vehicle Mechanics

    MOD proposed the introduction of a £7,000 FRI for REME Lance Corporal Vehicle Mechanics with between four and six years’ service. MOD cited that REME Vehicle Mechanics had been an Operational Pinch Point since 2003. Manning showed structural imbalances with shortages particularly acute at Lance Corporal (25 per cent) between five and seven years’ service – a deficit of 320 (which increased to 386 or 31 per cent by October 2007). Lance Corporal Voluntary Outflow was at 13.5 per cent compared with the Army average of 5.8 per cent. Reasons for leaving were common to other areas of the Army – separation, impact on domestic life and morale. These were exacerbated by a tour interval of 12 months (target 24 months) and 15.5 per cent breaking individual harmony guidelines for number of days separated. Current recruitment was described as strong but training capacity was limited without significant further investment.

    MOD reassured us that the Army had been active in developing the REME Manning Plan and the REME Retention Strategy. These included nonremuneration measures, a structure review, a review of promotion rates and attracting rejoiners/transfers. The Army was confident that recruiting would plug the manning gap in the medium term as new entrants were just over target in 200607.

    We conclude from MOD’s evidence and our visits that a temporary solution is required to support this front line operational capability. Unless addressed a downward spiral of gapping, reducing tour intervals and outflow is inevitable. The high level of responsibility held by these Junior NCOs on operations and the value of their skills to the civilian market also bring manning pressures. With these factors in mind, we endorse the introduction of the FRI. We note that MOD requires the level of the FRI (at £12,500 including Commitment Bonuses) to influence retention, to recognise the skill set required and Lance Corporals’ length of service, and to reflect training costs. A 70 per cent takeup was estimated and the FRI would terminate before the threeyear lifespan if manning reaches 98 per cent of requirement.

    Recommendation 5: We recommend the introduction of a REME Mechanics’ Financial Retention Incentive of £7,000 from 1 April 2008 for Lance Corporals with between four and six years’ service subject to a three year return of service. The FRI would run to 2011.

    Not before time....I might add.
  2. taxable no doubt!
  3. Lance Vehicle Corporals ???

    Now there's a newie.
  4. I was a Lance Vehicle Corporal, did my class mechanic upgradical to one.
  5. What about the armourers then?

    *flee* :p
  6. Yes, it will be taxable.

  7. sounds good to me like even if it is taxed, its still cash you never had and if you were not planning on leaving then its a bonus surely. unless you were thinking of leavingnthen possible dilemma. ill take my free money thanks.
  8. Free money??? Nothing is ever free, mate...... 3 years for an extra £6 a day LESS TAX!!!! Pay for your cigarettes I suppose!
  9. I once new a tiffy called Lance. He was a right tosser.
  10. Fckucking Sgt's with 20 years service could do with some free blicking dosh too!!!
  11. I think techs deserve quicker promotion and more dosh. [Rockstar runs off to hide in a dark corner...]
  12. Amen to that brother.

    Missed out on 5 and 8 year bonus, still first in and last out - what a fucking mug I am :D

  13. i think you may have thought about it a little harder than me zapped. it shouldnt stop anyone leaving but im up for it. cheers easy!
  14. Crikey worry about that when you get your pension. And in any case £7000 is worth a lot more now than it will be when you're 40. Unless of course some pay guru can come along, p1ss on my chips and tell me that the £7000 they're gonna take off your pension will rise in value just like your pension does.