FRI dead and buried?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Ex_MonkIS, Jun 29, 2005.

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  1. After a few Emails to the Army's site Web master, they have finally removed the false advertising for the Royal Signals FRI. Does anyone have a thought on the removal of the FRI. I have heard various reasons why is was removed, from the Army suffering severe financial constraints to the Trade groups which the FRI was aimed at are now fully manned (Armed forces pay review 2005 report). But what concerns me is the report a few years ago about the Royal Signals FRI stated. The FRI was instigated to make up the difference in pay between the Military Technical jobs and the civilian sector. The FRI was a temp measure until JPAS is introduced and specialist pay can be sorted out. Well the FRI has been sacked and JPAS is still 18 months to 2 years away for the Army. Does anyone else have a problem understanding the logic in this one and does anyone think it is down right wrong to advertise a financial incentive for nearly a year after it was binned?
  2. hmmm...which question are you saying yes to? or is it a blanket yes to all?
  3. The FRI was better than a kick in the pods after the desolation caused by Pay2k. The £10K sounded great, before tax, and not including being in the Super Tax bracket for a year, oh and then getting tax taken back off you due to an oversight.

    At the end of the day The SOinC and his staff did a sterling job of getting us the FRI in the first place, then fought tooth and nail to retain it for as long as possible. It was never going to last and not everyone was going to be happy with it's withdrawal. If we keep the FRI, then transition to any other kind of incentive and people continue to avoid Class One and Supervisory courses, then it will be seen that money isn't working as an incentive. The Penny Pinchers love that kind of statistic.

    A simple bit of maths:

    Soldier + Wages + FRI = Upgrader

    Soldier + Wages - FRI = Soldier avoiding Upgrading

    Soldier + Wages + Additional Qual Pay = Upgrader

    Now if only this would work......
  4. There's no way the penny pinchers will give us any extra pay, lump sum or daily, not while the current glut of manpower is around, and certainly not while the comms industry in general is in the doldrums.

    When the comms industry booms again, techs will leave, we will have hardly any left, and the cycle will begin again.

    From what I heard the FRI was a tax nightmare, the additional pay might be a worker but, like I said, we don't need the incentive at the moment.
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    MMMMM and what with the Contracts coming up for the 2008 and 2012 Olympics mainly recruiting from the UK. DOH!!
  6. what just as my return of service for my class 1 ends you mean ?