Fri 19th what will fill the void?

I am hoping to switch on the TV, Internet, radio or pick up a newspaper and not be bombarded by pasty, ginger, aggressive jockanise stuff.

My void will be filled by the sound of silence, a nice pint of best bitter, and an ARRSE front page that has threads full of normal random bitching.

What do fellow ARRSE'rs hope for the day after the storm :)
I managed to get a holiday away and hopefully when I return the whole shebang will have dropped out the airwaves.
CAARPS you will probably open the paper to find some welsh twat saying "right, it's our ******* turn now".
Three sand and one cement should fill most voids
I plan to watch Braveheart ,turn the sound down,and my play my vast collection of Jimmy Shand records.That will take my mind off things.

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