Frey Bentos pies

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by supermatelot, Apr 3, 2010.

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  1. Food of the Gods! Just troughed a 'Boozy beef & ale' one of them - with oven chips.

    Does that make me a heretic? :D
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  2. i live off chicken and mush de lish :hump:
  3. and the empty tins make handy ash trays...... :excited:
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  4. That particular pie is fabulous, I have one for emergencies.
  5. compo stewed steak with an oxo crumbled in..... :D
  6. It's babies heads I miss most, you can't get them anywhere.
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  7. Preheat the oven to 190 degrees C, remove the lid, place in a fan assisted oven and watch through the glass door, the puff pastry crust enlarges at about the same pace I get an erection. Odd I know, but I find my wife as attractive as a steak and kidney pudding.

  8. wash your mouth out :toilet:
  9. they have a new hot chicken curry tinned pie out .......lovely as previous poster said I always keep a few in the cupboard for emergencies
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  10. No qualms about the pies - but oven chips FFS?
  11. Frey Bentos - Isn't he the president of Cuba?
  12. hear hear........ its got to be beef super noodles with chick and mush :boogie:
  13. Of course you can, you have a penis put where poo should come from. This is a pre requisite for being a good cook.

    Doesn't mean that the normal amongst us don't enjoy an unhealthy, fat filled, cholesterol busting heart attack inducer though.

    It's a man food, like McCoys crisps.

    Not for fags.
  14. Agreed, i'd rather eat a pot noodle than a frey bentos dog's egg (it isnt a pie, it is a monstrosity in a tin)