Freudian slips

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DeltaDog, Jul 8, 2009.

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  1. I'm talking to a local university about taking somebody on under a graduate internship scheme. I just called the university that runs the scheme to ask a few questions, and when the bird I needed to speak to answered, I told her I was calling about the graduate internment scheme. It took about 30 seconds of her p*ssing herself laughing for me to realise what I'd said.

    So, anyone else experienced a 'freudian slip' recently?
  2. Not a Freudian slip as such, but when I'm dealing with officers I don't like, I remind myself that in their case "Sir" is spelt C-U-R.
  3. It's Hans and that bloody horse's sausage all over again!

    I always thought a 'Freudian slip' involved vaseline, and one of your parents.
  4. I once meant to ask the wife to turn the tv over and Accidently slapped her and called her a cunt..... funny how these slips occur.
  5. Never knew freud wore a slip. Was that why he was so sex obsessed.
  6. Freud had six kids and kept his wife in the kitchen smoked cigars non-stop and drank schnapps like a fish. Then you wonder why he made slips ? He was great on shoe fetishism which is almost exclusively male, usually a pair of bright red sling backs... Imagine a woman turned on by a blokes old boots, unheard of and too disgusting to contemplate. Men are the kinky sex you name a fetish object some bloke has done it.

  7. Rule 34 ALWAYS applies
  8. Or wearing your mother's underwear.

    Universities are definitely ripe ground, though. I continually find myself meaning to say 'undergraduates' but it comes out as 'snot-nosed little mummy's boys who should be bloody grateful anyone takes an interest in them at all instead of insisting 600 years of tradition be overturned to accommodate their microsecond attention span and low wattage intellect'. It just comes out.