Freshers week OTC - Selection Requirements

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by LeBuzzer, Sep 10, 2006.

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  1. Just moved to my new uni and I'm considering OTC.

    Whats it like, whats the selection weekend like? Any help appreciated.

    Do you get a bounty like the TA, does doing OTC give you a shorter Sandhurst or does it enable you to bypass Sandhurst?
  2. it enabled you to bypass RMCS, in 1930!
  3. It has zero affect on Sandhurst or RCB, it is not a cushy by pass route. Nor do you have any commitments to join the army at the end.

    Join it, it will give you cash, some great leadership training and allow you to take part in a social circle and sports and some great opurtunities for skiing and the like. Not to mention some visits of 1 or 2 weeks to real army units.

    I'd have to phone some friends to find out what selection weekend is like, i never went on one, but you will have to be of a descent physical fitness for it.

  4. suggest you attend the open night and chat to as many folk already in the unit as possible.

    If you fuflill all the requirements you will get a bounty although this is lower than than the TA because you are on a group B engagement rather than a group A.

    If you are good enough to go to Sandhurst you will be on the same course as all the other TA potential officers too.

    What OTC are you looking at, PM if you don't want to post this?
  5. Most OTCs have got pretty good web sites and thay all go through the selection requirements.

    The requirements for all are pretty much the same. Individual selection weekends will vary a bit but they all tend to cover the same stuff. Its all on lots of different unit web sites.

    Best advice is as above - go along to the open evening see what it is all about.

    Which unit are you looking at joining.
  6. Don't know which OTC you are planning to join but at Wales OTC * our selection went along the lines of the RCB.

    I'll assume you don't know what that is, (although if you do plan on joining the Army, you will have probably looked it up by now at so I'll elaborate.

    Basically, turn up in a suit (they like that sort of thing and you'll be expected to spend a lot more time in one)

    Fitness test - Based on RCB standards, ie 44 press-ups in 2 minutes, 55 sit-ups in 2 minutes and 10.2 on the MSFT (Bleep test)

    Don't worry if you can't quite manage these scores, as long as you get close and show best effort you should be fine. (Before I get abuse, I realise these are should be minimums, but I cannot see the point in refusing an otherwise excellent candidate because they cannot complete one more sit-up)

    Monologue - Just a basic minute or so about yourself. Try and be different and witty - imagine if everyone talks about their pets!

    Interview - Meeting with one of the key members of the unit, (I got the OC). Advice here is to be yourself, and be prepared for the unexpected - I spent most of mine speaking French and discussing the Normandy landings 8O

    Hope this helps and good luck. :D

    *DISCLAIMER - I can only speak for Swansea Company within WUOTC, and realise that I know nothing about any other companies within WUOTC.
  7. If you're female it is an entry requirement to be attracted to married regular WO2s. If you are an ex GYC Gunner female subaltern you have to take it up the shytter in Otterburn drying rooms
  8. I used to love gunnery courses at Otterburn with those plump female subbies.
  9. I hear from a highly placed source that this will be done on the induction weekend for legal reasons (need to do medical first).

    Oh and you missed out the group discussions on current affairs.
  10. All personnel joining the TA (which includes the OTC) are now required to pass the "Risk Reduction Run" before undertaking any other form of physical activity. All OTCs have been instructed that the RRR is to be passed by all potential recruits so I am sure it will happen at most selection weekends. The test is to complete 1.5 miles in under 14 minutes for all personnel both male and female. There is no requirement to do the press ups etc at this stage. If anyone wants further info please pm me.
  11. Hi i'm in my second year of otc in sheffield. I cant speak for other otc's selection but ours runs over a full weekend within which you will complete a number of tasks:
    a discussion group related to current affairs
    a 2 min lecture on yourself in front of a small group of people
    the bleep test
    2 assult courses
    a timed stretcher run
    undertake a leader-less and a lead command task
    The selection is designed to weed out those who dont make an effort or dont get on within a team rather than those that are un fit!

    Once you have completed a year within otc including attendance on weekends you will recieve a bounty of about £170. You are also payed monthly for attendance on all weekends and weekday training.

    As for sandhurst. the otc aims to prepare you and offer advice to make attendance at sandhurst as smooth as possible. It doesn't shorten your length at sanhurst but gives you a heads up, making your first term at sanhurst alot easier that it would possibly have been. With a TA commision is does make a difference in that after two years within the otc you can go directly to ta sanhurst without having to coplete 2 years in a ta regiment! TCB still has to be completed!!!

    Otc is good fun. it should be seen as a social and sporting activity, not just an army extention! Make sure you attend freshers cocktails and all other social activities as getting on with your year will be vital to enjoying otc!
  12. ^ who are you then? Drop me a pm o_O