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Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by chevere, Nov 4, 2006.

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  1. i came to this country to live with my last boyfriend when he proposed to me. we have now split and i'm thinking of moving somewhere else in the country, because moving back to mine is still a big no-no.

    the thing is, i still don't know the country well and id like to be in a safe place where i can carry on with my life, small-ish so i can make friends soon and feel part of a community, if that makes sense!

    big cities are then not an option for me. do you know any nice place for me, i'm sure there must be a fair few.

    thanks for your help

  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    By any chance, are you a Nigerian with £10 million which is legally yours but need a UK bank account to lodge the money in?
  3. no, im not nigerian, i already have a bank account, and a job, and a (rented) flat. i also have a polish girl next door that is now living with my ex. ouch!

    unfortunately i dont have £10m, do you?
  4. It is (sadly?) normal in th uk to live where the work is. do you have a job/quals which would allow you to move anywhere?

  5. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    Only £5m I'm afraid, so no good to you really. Sorry :wink:

    Seriously tho', have you thought about Earls Court, Chigwell or Brixton? Bradford or Burnley are supposed to be nice this time of year.
  6. i am a quilified nurse, but i have done pretty much everything and have lots of references so i reckon that finding a job, any job really, shouldn't be a problem.

    i don't care where the jobs are, there is always a job if you really want to work and pull yourself up.

    i am just looking for quality, a nice place, with nice people, where i can feel safe after dark. i have some money i saved so i can live without a job for 2 months or so. and let's be honest, if you can't find a job in 2 months it's because you aren't looking for one.
  7. As long as you've still got the uniform, can cook/iron/clean and cater for my needs then you're welcome to live with me in my lovely part of the country :)
  8. If you are a qualified nurse and have HPC accreditation then perhaps the south east would be a good place. You have London with its hospitals and other small towns around it - you could commute and not have to live their and the people, although grumpy, will leave you in peace!
  9. Northumberland is the most tranquil place in the country to live,I have half of a mattress to offer and simple home cooking. You have to wash up though.
  10. East Anglia - nice but no prospects as the nhs trusts don't have any money.

    Your best bet is to look through the news and find areas where they've not made nurses redundant. Northumberland is tranquil, but colder, wet and more midge infested than a corpse in a swamp.

    It's just because I'm a southerner - but anywhere southern tends to be nicer than the north, as generally more affluent (there are exceptions)
  11. Where are you at the moment?

    Have you traveled in the UK?

    Do you know people you can stay with on a try before you buy set up?

    Do you have all the proper documentation to work/live in the UK now you are no longer engaged?

    What sort of work/salary are you after?

    What sort of accommodation?

    Beebs x
  12. i dont have to work as a nurse anyway, i have other skills, good english (got a CPE last year) and employers love me for some reason.

    i'm a southerner myself too, bit more than you! so if i can get a bit of sun sometimes it would be a big bonus.

    i'm not looking to buy a house and i'm still young so i don't mind not making a fortune, just want to support myself, get some experience and have fun

    thank you for your responses you can be very kind too when you want!!!
  13. If you're a nurse and you can risk leaving you're current job to find a new one the do it (just remember the budget cuts in the NHS) up north is cheaper than the south, Salisbury in Wiltshire is a nice small city has a good foundation district hospital and is close to the south coast and not far from London!
  14. Aberystwyth.

    Not a lot, to London a couple of times to visit my friends.

    I know a few people in London, Oxford, Leeds, Brighton and somewhere in the midlands that i cant really remember now.

    Fortunately I'm Spanish and don't need any documentation.

    £12.000??? if I get a job in a hospital but I'm not greedy. Right now I'm working in a Welsh pub.

    I'm living now in a shoebox shared with 3 brits and 9 polish, not fussed...
  15. If your Spanish you might know where Trevelez is