fresh meat lads!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by freshage, Dec 11, 2007.

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  1. hey guys :D my names chris, 19 years of age, 20 in febuary. after long study at home and being sick and tired of being stuck behind a desk for the last couple of years i decided to push the thought of going to the army right to the front of my think box and i sent off my application.

    i have been thinking about it since i was 16, and now im going to do my best to get into the best. BUT, i need some help on a few questions! :D

    first off, i sent my application off yesterday (via online) for the position of 'soilder' as im guessing you have to choose a certain path once accepted, which id like to be infantry... whats going to happen now? what choices would be best for me? so on and so forth.

    i dont want to swamp you lot with info, just a general idea as to where i am within the process. i just want to know what ive got in store for my self.

  2. They will tell you to go to you're local recruiting office. It will continue from there.
  3. If your avatar is anything to go by, I'd recommend a shave.
  4. If you've been stuck behind a desk for a couple of years, then I would sugest you get out and do plenty of phys!
    My current post involves much time at a desk battering a keyboard and its turning me into a right lard ass, mind your still just a "bairn" so you should be ah right.
  5. Post in the correct forum, and read the stickies...
  6. which is the right area?

    could a mod move the thread? saving double posting.

    thanks for the warning as well, i had a long browse and couldnt find anything related to my questions.

    yes my avatar is me.. is a beard not allowed in the service then?

  7. Only if you're a Navy bum-boy or a Pioneer Sergeant.
  8. Oh, and if you can convince a Medical Officer that you have in-growing facial hair ;)
  9. first off, i sent my application off yesterday (via online) for the position of 'soilder'

    In this army of the day is this a new position, in my day we were always referred to as "soldiers", is it a new rank ?????
  10. only in the sandpit.
  11. Another name for a Sapper perhaps? :p
  12. alright alright, youve had your fun lol :p

    i could choose between soilder and officer for the application. i chose soilder... i honestly dont know anything more than that, ive looked round on the webbie, but there is barely any greatful help on it. so yes, make a fool out of me, but i have my excuses! haha :D

  13. Freshage you mong, they are taking the pi$$ out of your spelling 'Soilder boy". Clearly you should also be able to spell your own birth month?
  14. If you could spell you would be over qualified
  15. i can spell, but if you see the hour of which i posted, that at least brings some justice to my mistakes lol

    february, soldier hehe :)