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Fresh look at Afghanistan

AnotherDay said:
kudro said:
Anyone know when they are pulling our troops from Afgan. I heard that it might be middle of this year. Is that true?
Think you may mean Iraq on that one...
Yes your probably very right. my mistake. just trying to find out more as joining up an would love to do a tour.

Colin Powell thinks it is 'do-able' albeit "much, much harder" The other quoted experts are not saying that it cannot be done.

The only experts who are saying it is impossible are the ones with no name.
Armies fight and do the dirty work.
If the political support and the money to back the troops are there then they will deliver the goods.
Politicians start theses Wars and only they can end them by Talking to the enemy.
Talk is cheap when your not in office, not so cheap when your Nue Labour and only last year talking of 30 years to sort out Afghanistan.
I do wish Politicians did not have the Balls to talk their troops into wars the cannot/will not finance.
It has been reported in the Australian Newspaper here that the government is now looking at options that may see a increase in our troop numbers. This after months and months of saying troop stength was adequate for us as a non Nato member.
Interested to see that 300 personnel are to be deployed to counter mines and IED threat. It appears that the SofS isn't quite sure which or the press failed to grasp what he was saying.

Does anyone actually know what was said and/or meant? Not sure where they will find 300 EOD Operators of any sort at the moment.

Having had some initial confidence in the new Sof S it now appears that as soon as he says or does anything he shows a lack of competance and understanding.
I think that within the next couple of months President Karzai will either dissappear into the background or acquire a new found voice of support in favour of anti corruption, anti narcotics and high praise for Mr Obama and his (ours) planned troop surge.

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