Fresh Iraq prison photos emerge

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, May 20, 2004.

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    Enlarged scenes here

    Which of course. will please the Arab readership no end
    So he's being charged with shaging Lyndie England, thought that would have been enough punishment by itself
  3. If it was any of them, then he'd been in country too long.

    Also, as you sow. So shall you reap! Did these idiots think posing with smiles and thumbs up over a dead Irqaqi was a great way of having memories to view in your twilight years?

    I know some theories about the sanctioning of this conduct have cropped up. But they must have realised that this is in bad taste and not what is expected of military gaurds/police :evil:
  4. To us, yes, that should have been the case. The US forces however actually encourage a "Hoo Ha!" gungho attitude that is considered to be the right attitude for 'war fighting' and as a way of keeping an 'esprit de corps'. When it comes to dealing with civilians and handling the peace, it's the wrong attitude and difficult to untrain.

    The reservists go even further with the gungho training and attitude as they have to prove themselves as 'real' soldiers and have less time as a unit to get that bonding that regular forces have by living and working together 24/7.

    The taking of photos, the wilder the better, mean that when put down as 'only being reservists' they can prove that they were being macho and were in there with the dead bodies.

    Sad, but in my opinion it's the whole US forces ethos that is at the root of this problem. It's okay for most jobs, but not for the type of job that is coming up more and more in the modern world, keeping/handling/fighting the peace, not the war.
  5. P-P is correct. The crucial thing is that 'attitude' is no substitute for training. MPs and prison guards don't particularly need to be super-tough, so why all the posturing?
  6. Do they? Even for these traffic cops.

    As you later say its the training thats the problem. Why were traffic cops employed in a prison and they don't appear to have had any training. They seem to have watched the the start of '3 Kings' and thought thats how reservists/prison guards should behave.

    I like the girls using 'I only enlisted to get a college education' as a defence
  7. As I have said before on other threads, I fear that these soldiers are being made scapegoats so that the US military culture and the general attitude from the top down of 'abuse is ok if it gets the intelligence results' is ignored. :(
  8. the charge of adultery is worrying.

    in the uk forces it would either be conduct unbecoming or bringing the army into disrepute would it not?

    can you imagine the ques at the courtmarshal centers if adultery itself was a crime?

    :twisted: :oops: :twisted: :oops: 8O :oops: :twisted: :oops: :twisted:
  9. Not as worrying as the fact that Lynddie England is actually going to reproduce. How will they be able to measure an IQ that low?
  10. Well said that man.

  11. Crop Duster you are right on the money. As an engineer I managed US Navy construction projects, particularly facilities rehab. One project was to rehab the BEQ which housed the USMC "gate guards" for a large Naval Air Station. Prior to demo (of the interior by my civilian contractor) my inspector and I made a tour of the place. Most of the hallways and rooms were painted black and there were garrish wall paintings and posters all around dipicting flaming skulls and various nightmare scenes, many almost

    in quality. I wish I still had our pre-construct pics . . .

  12. One of the timid complaints that was allowed in American mainstream media before the Iraqi poo hit the prison bars was that American cities were loosing all of their copers because many were reservists and thus being sent off to fight the good fight. Well hearing that many of us noncriminal types here were glad to hear it given the cops propensity, particularly in large citys, to constantly get overly rough with folks. Checkout the number of folks the copers have waxed in San Diego over the last five years, most to be "exonerated" by internal and white washed external reviews.

    These guys and gals (reservist from the coper ranks) had "training" all right.
  13. The junior enlisted (most are reservists that were taken from civilian policing activities) are tools. The juniors should be removed from the service but held in limbo while civil and criminal charges are brough forward from Iraqi victims and families through competent Iraqi/International venues and jurisdiction. As for the Septic seniors, all the way to Feith, Rumey, et alii, it is the international court in the Haige and then on to a long free timeshare (in either International Goal or Club Fed) for them fecking cnuts.
  14. What really pisses me off about the whole thing is that people who are supposedly civiliian Law Enforcement Officers of various hues

    1) So totally let down their calling and then

    2) Were stupid enough to record their crimes photgraphically? Have they no concept of "evidence"?