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Dryson resigns because he wants to finally bring in some new decent equipment only ten years late. It is now common knowledge that Dryson wanted to put the FRES order with the cracking vehicle the VBCI which was the only one which can be ready as LATE as 2011 while we still have to put up with 430's rehashed as bulldog and a mishmash of other ancient vehicles - but Gords old mates in the treasury blocked it so Dryson goes 'motor racing' - he should try doing that in a 1960's bulldog (430) or CVRT that was designed for the banana plantations not the desert! The CVRT was upgraded to give it a 10 year life extention which has already expired - sticking plaster buys of UORs are only solving the problem of yeas of neglect - we need the new kit - not constant make do and mend that only ends up costing more in the long term - invest now in allowing us to do our job and not looking constantly like 3rd world cousins or the other armies! :(

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