FRES is almost here

I see at last the MOD is looking at replacing our aging fleet of combat support vehicles. The candidate vehicles are,

The Boxer, produced by the Dutch-German ARTEC consortium

The Piranha, a Mowag design presented by General Dynamics UK

The VBCI (Véhicule Blindé de Combat d'Infanterie, or "Armoured vehicle for infantry combat") produced by the French company Nexter.

The trials will involve the candidate vehicles being evaluated by technical experts and soldiers. These experts will spend 100’s of man hours looking into how well the vehicles operate in testing conditions, the level of protection they offer and how good the fighting capabilities are. They also have experts who will consider ease of maintenance and how easily we can adopt our training to use these vehicles to their fullest capability. This could take days or weeks to check all the critical systems.

When this evaluation has taken place, highly paid contractors will produce a glossy report, PowerPoint presentation and video to explain the trails to ministers and senior officers who will obviously have a favourite vehicle by this time.

The final selection however, will take only 1 minute, as a bean counter (properly a D band) will look at the cost of each vehicle and pick the cheapest
The one with Air Con please!

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