frendly fire, para Vs para??

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by jason_2000x, Feb 2, 2007.

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  1. reading about frendly fire on good old wikipedia, and found this

    does anyone know if this is true, or have more info?
  2. Yes it is, though artillery didn't play a part in it. This problem arose because patrol traces were not checked or submitted by companies conducting standing patrols, thus each Company thought they were engaging argies.
  3. I think this was when 3 pers from 59 Cdo Fell, or was it earlier?
  4. Nothing to do with 59 Cdo. Blue on blue in 3 Para.
  5. I seem to recall 2 Para also having a go at this during a live-fire phase on Ex Grand Prix, but with only one of the umpires getting hit...
  6. the list does also say...
    Special Boat Service Commando killed in firefight with UK Special Air Service.
    if thats what you mean wickedwitch
  7. That was rhe night patrol then? 4 man team etc
  8. cant have been 4man team it said 8 casualties...
  9. There were only 3 or 4 (mebbe sums r wong and spelling!! I thought only 3 were from 59 during the 80's). Fcking keyoard, Fallschirmjager, do you know the true number?
  10. It was 3 PARA on Grand Prix in '93, though it was the Anti-Tanks Pl Comd who was slotted not an umpire. The rifle coys were briefed that all targets would be illuminated by white light (it was a Battalion night attack). The Anti-Tank Pl comd was still in the impact area when the advance to contact begun. He saw the lead section advancing towards him and asked over the net what he should do. They told him to put on his torch to indicate to the lead section that he was still in the impact area. He shone his torch (white light) and the gunner being briefed that targets were illuminated by white light put a burst through him!

    Editted to add that the whole episode was a complete cover up and the above version is not true! :thumright:
  11. edited - persrep (too much info)
  12. Absolutely wrong subject - apologies guys and dolls :headbang:
  13. I'm actually referring to an even earlier Grand Prix. One platoon carried out a live-fire assault through another (apparently mistaking them for Fig11s....). An umpire was hit in the mouth by a ricochet - stopping the bullet with his teeth and thus providing him with an excellent bar story. On the same ex, the mortars were up to their usual fun and games, not only hitting one of their own MFCs with a shrapnel fragment, but also fragging a landrover during an exercise pause......

    Too much detail there already, and lots more scandal unmentioned; I'm sure several (other) arrsers were there at the time.... LOL

  14. A BBC journalist (I believe it was) asked about this incident on an ex-Para forum a few years ago, asking for information for a documentary. He/she was politely told to go forth and multiply, though in fewer words.