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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Death_Rowums, May 26, 2006.

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  1. Hey Frenchy, stick a sock in it.
  2. Another complete boll**ks post by frenchy. Get your own secret services in order before slagging of others. As for Galloways comments, I am no fan of Bliar, but his comments are tantermount to inciting terrorism. Arrest him and send him to cuba I say, Im sure the CIA have some flights from Heathrow

  3. Who's going to arrest him? Given that he's in Cuba now. Rendition that....
  4. Wrong!

    Honest Number Crunching
    Palestinian contribution to Jerusalem's population: 33%
    Palestinian contribution to Jerusalem's municipal taxes: NIS 89 million = 2.5%
    Jerusalem municipal spending budget total: NIS 3,457 million
    Jerusalem municipal spending in Palestinian areas: NIS 300 million = 8%
    Last audited accounts 2003.

    If you're going to make a political statement, at least try and be accurate. The 'honest' figures are just as 'bad'.
  5. Well done Merkator! :D

    Looks as though Frenchy you just got your arrse spanked. Smarts a little, however an attention getter 8)

  6. I trust the moderator, if he's true to his word, will be removing the above way off topic posts!
  7. He may also ask you to start telling the truth... I mean, why would he want to delete accurate figures whilst leaving your falsehoods alone?

    Information is extracted from the book Discrimination in the Heart of the Holy City, (International Peace and Co-operation Centre, Jerusalem, 2006) by Meir Margalit an Israeli peace activist and former city councillor. pdf file of entire book here: or pdf file of relevant chapter here:
  8. Here's a quote from the publication at the second link:

    Data produced by Town Hall should be viewed with caution. Meiron Benvenisti, who served as Deputy Mayor under Teddy Kolleck, writes that Municipality reports should be treated as "a political statement rather than a reliable measuring tool for analytical purposes". He moreover alleges that the Municipality manipulates the data, which sometimes serve "to gloss over unpleasant facts". Therefore, tracking Municipal investment in East Jerusalem is somewhat problematic for a number of professional and political reasons. There are then six different reasons listed for why anybody wishing to assess the flow of funds to East Jerusalem faces a daunting task.

    Sorry to cast doubt upon your version of the truth.
  9. You have cast doubt on Merkators info, can you back yours up with a link and/or reference :?:
  10. My version of the truth is on Page 6 of here:
  11. Now, let's look at your 'evidence'.

    The document you link to is published by MAP - Medical Aid for Palestinians - and appears on their own website. The headline information you use is supported by two references: an ICG report and a "suppressed" EU report.
    1. You can read the ICG report here: There is no mention of municipality budgets and spending.
    2. The "suppressed" EU report can be read here: It contains the following:
    So, the "surpressed" EU report repeats a "claim" by the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions on whose website the "suppressed" report appears.

    So far [​IMG], your 'evidence' is just a "claim" by the ICAHD which appeared in a "suppressed" EU report. Hmmmmm!

    Now ask yourself this, where did the ICAHD get their information from? Was it, by chance, from the book Discrimination in the Heart of the Holy City and deliberately extracted data to distort the 'truth'? Who is one of the main contributors to ICAHD? Meir Margalit. Is this the same Meir Margalit who wrote Discrimination in the Heart of the Holy City? Hmmmm! Let's see.

    So, if ...

    ... the data I use is inadequate, then so is yours.

    Since the source of the information is the same, the only difference is that my information comes from the 'horse's mouth' and is quite comprehensive, and yours comes distorted 3rd/4th hand. Nuff said!

    Number Crunching
    Palestinian contribution to Jerusalem's municipal taxes: NIS 89 million
    Jerusalem municipal spending in Palestinian areas: NIS 301 million