Frenchman to cross Atlantic in a barrel

More pictures, information and an update from France 24 article:
Frenchman sets sail across Atlantic in a barrel
I found the following via a twitter link in the above article. There are short videos, more photos and a cuttaway diagram of the vessel.
Traversée de l'atlantique en tonneau
More pictures and info in this article:
I have not found his live GPS tracker online. That would be interesting, if a bit slow...
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Didnt an Aussie use a GPA Jeep?
Ben Carlin. Sort of.

It was called 'Halfsafe'. He certainly got across (and carried on round the world) but whether he got the whole way across the Atlantic under his own steam is still open to question. In particular, he seems to have had help from the Portuguese Navy. His Missus started the journey but got fed up half way round and left him to it.

Ben Carlin - Wikipedia
I found a link to his facebook page with photo uploads from his mobile phone, when he had network coverage. Those onions surely won't last long. I would have expected a lot of food and water to be stowed under him. Interested in the vessel dynamics as he uses stocks up. Maybe some ballast is fixed in place.


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Sod the Frenchman. I intend to seal myself in a large and luxurious penthouse barrel with this lot and see if I can set a new world record for the longest amount of time require to talk a middle-aged chap built for comfort out of a large and luxurious penthouse barrel.

The blonde on the left is clearly regaling her colleagues with tales of THAT rifle.

He should look up the French invasion of Fishguard.

Them Frogs came mob-handed, and still wound up surrendering to a bunch of Welsh fishwives.

Even if he sneaks into America under the radar, he is but one single Crapaud against innumerable undereducated, overweight excessively armed, US nationalist munters.

I can hardly wait for the footage of his landing :-D
It's a Frenchman arriving by sea at a time the Americas are divided politically.

They'll welcome him with open arms and then rely on him to do all the hard work before writing his contribution out of their popular history.
According to his tracker (post #47), he has spent the last day heading east. That must be a bit of a disappointment.
Warmer ocean temperature than normal perhaps affecting currents? I seem to recall that part of his mission is related to monitoring ocean currents.
Or a westerly wind?

The relative effects of wind and current must depend on the buoyancy of the barrel. Maybe that'll be a consideration for a MkII barrel - variable buoyancy to get a smidgen of control.

I'm aware that he flung out a drogue about a week ago to counter his movement towards the north so there is a little bit of cheating going on.

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