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French website

Are you telling me that you registered just to make that inane comment.

What tipped you off to the fact that it wasn't Frence?

Perhaps the fact that you thought you understood it?
SLRboy said:
He was making a play on the word ARRSE and ARRES which contains the same letters and is the name of the town in France well known to those who know anything about the first world war.

It is of course remembered by the British Tommy by the expression "Up your ARRES" which of course translates as "Up your Ar'se."

But then as one can tell by your witty responces you are all so smart you knew that didn't you?
(my bold)
Did you mean Arras?
shome mishtake shurely
A big WAH on my part.
Some french person I've asked who looked at this thread pronounced the name of the town wrongly. And we all know how the french mix up their e's and a's.
I know I shouldn't have asked her how to spell the name of the town while she was giving me blow job.
So humble grovels all round I'm the one with sh'it on his face.

And the french birds out the door. Cheers engee.

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