French Walts - I wanna be in La 22 SAS Regt !

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Hermes_R12, Oct 28, 2011.

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  1. Does Waltism know no bounds ?

    I don't know if this has come up before but I came across this clip on You tube:-

    (I did check the search box and ARSEpedia but found no trace)

    The music isn't great either !


    There is also a link to their website:22SAS12 in which they claim: -

    22SAS12 is a reenacting group of Free French SAS paratroopers during WW2 and of the modern 22nd SAS. This blog presents our particular approach of the reenactment but it also addresses all the passionate persons of the SAS .We talk about operations, about equipments but also about literature, about cinema and about the current events. Created in 2006, this blog became the first French-speaking source on the "Regiment" !

    Check out the website and pictures ! These guys obviously have spent a fortune on kit but what really gets me is that they have 'blanked' there faces on photographs in some cases using the 'little black square'

    Now if thats no extreme walting then I don't know what is ? (apart from the WaltMaster Barron of Castleshot that is)
  2. Shame their fore fathers couldn't summon such enthusiasm and fighting prowess when the Jerrys came calling in the last century. I bet they re-enact a cracking fighting withdrawl
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  3. I ve just wasted 1 GB of my monthly data package for that shoite.

    Is it "Foreign Walt Day" today?
  4. Oh for Christ's sake! How many times?! SPACINGS!!!!!!!
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  5. D'accord mais chacun à son goût.
  6. TurtleHead

    TurtleHead Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    What an excellent training video. i particularly liked the RV by where they literally sat upon eachothers lap. Good tactics
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  7. Fucking Frog walts, SAS re-enacters FFS!!!!!!!

    I'll tell you all you need to know Pierre, you see I was the second man onto the balcony....................:)
  8. Listen vereey carefuleey I will sey dis only wance!

  9. Phillistine, it's a very nice Prelude, I bet you listen to this kind of poo.

  10. Well that really is sh1t music when you put it like that I prefer the former.......
  11. Piss poor Sandhurst Chop, they need to work on their Crossing drills too. Reckon they go the whole hog and defacate into plastic bags? "Bonjour Ma Cherie, look what i've brought you home".
  12. They did. Their 'Bicycle' Regts in WW1 invented the Tour de France. They spent the best part of the war peddling all over the place trying avoid contact with the Jerries,
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  13. Is this SAS walt Friday then, cos there is another thread just opened up. :?
  14. Fucking laugh, I've got chest pains......oh dear is that good?
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  15. 57secs in wasn't he 56th on the balcony coz i wuz 57th and he smelt familiar
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