French Victory

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by polar, Jul 5, 2006.

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  1. Is this the first ever post on ARRSE to mention one????

    J'aime le penalty francais

    probably spelt wrong but I enjoyed the win
  2. Better them than diving Portugal! Just...
  3. Good on the Frogs
  4. The one and only time I will cheer on France. COME ON ITALY!!!
  5. Yep as much as we love to hate our frog neighbours go on the french!
    After Portugal defeated England Saturday i developed an instantaneous hatred of them, good riddance the diving barstewards!
    ....All that said i dont even like football overpaid tw*ts! :p
  6. Was there a game of footy tonight?
  7. France are great and I want them to win the cup. After coming together against Spain, I knew they were gonna give Brasil a hard time. I am happy about this result. ALLEZ LES BLEUS!
  8. Christiano Ronaldo is a very law-abiding man - he obeys the law of gravity with an admirable enthusiasm.
  9. Geek
  10. My sentiments exactly mate!
  11. Why is it that girls always fake not liking footie eh?
  12. Why do mongs always double post and fill this site with dullness
  13. well done france on reaching the final & well done portugal because you brought the biggest smile to the rest of football loving fans worldwide last saturday night!!!!!
  14. My point was, who gives a fcuk? My teams first pre season friendly is in less than 2 weeks.