French veto UK "anti-immigrant" veh x-ray machine.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 5_mile_sniper, Jan 23, 2008.

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  1. This from the Register;


    Hmm, this wouldn't be anything to do with the fact that, up until now, this machine has proved to be quite effective. Or that if we catch illegals at Calais, then it's the Frogs that have to deal with them.

    Surely not. :twisted:
  2. Surprized?

    The frogs don't want the filth and actively help it to reach the open arms of Brown's awful state.
  3. Oh God I hate them - such a beautiful country, such genuinely wanky people
  4. Well,you know what they say: when God created France,he created a heaven on earth,when he created Hell,he populated France with the French. :wink:
  5. Are you colonial?
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah, thanks for that, no, really, I mean it, thanks.

    I was going to say something clever and rude about the French, and there you go, stealing my lines. Cnut.
  7. Happy to be of service... :D

    (of course, actually, I admire their balls for taking a decision based on narrow national self-interest, and clothing it in the pc respectable guise of 'Helf an sarftey' - it's a masterpiece - but I still hate the barstewards because they still do that, while we are pathetically goody two shoes in our dealings with them.)

    And they do keep losing every war they ever get near, but regarding themselves as a martial race - that makes me feel quite good about them...
  8. Why not make Dover harbour a neutral zone where Brit Sovriegnty does not run, then vehicles can be X rayed and any illegals sent back cos they cant claim asylum, I,m sure some legal beagle could sort out the paperwork for this and the details.
  9. Can't they just say "is there anybody there?" no reply obviously means there's no one there,so it's ok to go ahead (just to check of course).
  10. I do have to express my grudging respect for the French ability to be rabidly protectionist and not be shy about pissing people off if something is in their interest.

    See limpet mining the Rainbow Warrior for proof of this...
  11. Well we could always ask the Driver (in polish) Do you have any Haz Goods on Board if no we use our new machine.

    Our newly built DRIVE IN MICROWAVE. Hey presto they soon feck off.
  12. These machines are licenced for use in France, and in (as far as I know) most other EU countries, including the UK. They're licenced in most of the civilised world, and quite a few other places too. My workforce (and I) at a diamond mine was subject to a daily zapping from a machine which emits a similar amount of radiation, and it's highly likely nowadays that if you go through any international airport your parts will be examined by a Bangladeshi x-ray operator. The frogs are just being froggy.
  13. The Volkspolizei were not worried at the Helmstedt border crossing in good old BAOR days about just using the x-ray machine on a whole vehicle with the driver and passengers inside - no concerns about low radiation then.